Dillon Danis explains why Mike Perry being the backup fighter and having faceoff with Logan Paul “bothers” him

By Cole Shelton - August 28, 2023

Dillon Danis isn’t a fan of Logan Paul hyping up Mike Perry as the backup fighter for their boxing match.

Dillon Danis, Ben Askren

Danis and Paul are set to box on Oct. 14 in Manchester, England in a fight that has gotten personal. However, after the fight was announced, Paul admitted he was nervous that Danis would even show up and if he pulled out for a fake injury, he would have to pay $100,000.

With Logan Paul being worried that Dillon Danis won’t even show up, Mike Perry was named as the backup fighter, and he even had a faceoff with the YouTuber / WWE Star. After seeing the faceoff, Danis admits he was pissed off as he feels like Paul isn’t properly promoting their fight.

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“It bothers me, it bothers me that he posted that picture. It just makes me wanna, not make me not want to show up, but it just pisses me off to the point where it’s like, f**k you,” Dillon Danis said to Misfits Boxing. “It’s just like, why are you trying to divert and not promote our fight? That I’m here in London, I’m here doing all this press, I’m building this fight up, and he’s just trying to, I feel like because I’m such in his head and I’m roasting him so hard, he tries to deflect everything. He never directs tweets at me, too. It’s either at Conor or somewhere else. It’s really weird. He never wants to kind of engage with me. It’s really stupid.”

Although Logan Paul has been promoting Mike Perry being the backup fighter, Dillon Danis has been adamant he will show up.

“Well, in the contract, unless I get hit by a car or something, yeah. I mean, I don’t know anything can happen. But, yeah, in the contract I have to show or it’s $100,000 fine, or the doctors have to check me. So yeah, something crazy happens. I don’t know, you never know in life, but I’ll be there,” Danis said.

Assuming the fight does happen, Dillon Danis is adamant that he will knock out Logan Paul.


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