Dillon Danis reveals he will be appealing loss to Logan Paul due to “multiple offenses”

By Cole Shelton - October 16, 2023

Dillon Danis will be appealing the DQ loss he suffered to Logan Paul on Saturday.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul

Danis made his boxing debut against Paul on the PRIME card in Manchester, England. It was a fight that got a ton of hype due to Danis’ trash talk and antics. However, in the bout itself, Danis rarely threw many punches as Paul dominated and was cruising to a decision win.

However, in the fifth round, Paul’s security nearly entered the ring. Then, in the sixth round after Dillon Danis attempted a guillotine, Paul’s security entered the ring and a melee ensued. After the sides got separated, Danis was DQ’d as Logan Paul was named the victor, but now taking to X, the Bellator fighter announced he would be appealing the result.

“There was multiple offenses I’ll be submitting my appeal to the commission today,” Danis wrote.

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A team member entering the ring during the fight should result in a DQ for the fighter. Logan Paul’s security guard did enter the ring early, which means Paul should have been disqualified, but the ref ended up DQ’ing Danis for his antics as he felt like the Bellator fighter started the brawl.

As of right now, it’s uncertain if the appeal will actually happen and if Dillon Danis can win it. If it does, it would be quite the turn of events, and could potentially lead to a rematch with Logan Paul. But, whether or not fans will have any interest in that is to be seen.

As for his fighting career, whether or not Dillon Danis will box again is to be seen. His fight against Logan Paul was his first since June of 2019 when he submitted Max Humphrey by first-round submission at Bellator 222. Prior to that, in his MMA debut, Danis submitted Kyle Walker by first-round submission at Bellator 198.


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