John Kavanagh tells Dillon Danis to come back to SBG Ireland and prepare for an MMA fight: “He’s not a boxer”

By Cole Shelton - October 18, 2023

SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh is hopeful Dillon Danis will return to Dublin to prepare for an MMA fight.

Dillon Danis

Danis finally returned to combat sports last weekend as he boxed influencer Logan Paul. Danis ended up being DQ’d in the sixth round, but before that, he was getting badly beat as he barely threw any punches.

Since then, Dillon Danis has called for a rematch in MMA with Paul and said he wants to go to the UFC. But, if that is going to happen, Kavanagh says he hopes Danis will return to SBG Ireland and prepare for an MMA fight as the coach says ‘El Jefe’ is not a boxer.

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“I say this with nothing but love for Dillon, he knows I love him, I’d love to see him just put the phone down for a minute, and come back to Dublin,” Kavanagh said to MMAJunkie about Dillon Danis. “I’ve been torturing him come over to Dublin. I know he just had a wee baby, and we’re all excited about that. I’d love to see him come to Dublin again and just throw himself into training for mixed martial arts. He’s an MMA fighter, he’s not a boxer. He’s an MMA fighter, and exceptional when you see him in the gym.

“The guy’s never quite realized that he’s been very unlucky with a set of injuries, and this and that. I hope he got some good money out of boxing and put that in the trust fund for the kid, don’t be buying fancy shoes or anything like that. Get back to my gym or another gym, wherever. Get the head down and show everybody what you can do in the cage,” Kavanagh continued about Dillon Danis.

Whether or not Dillon Danis will take John Kavanagh’s advice and return to SBG Ireland to prepare for an MMA fight is to be seen.


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