Drakkar Klose calls for “the easiest fight in the UFC” Mark Madsen at UFC 299 after slam KO win

By Cole Shelton - December 6, 2023

Drakkar Klose was relieved to finally make the walk to the Octagon again.

Drakkar Klose

Klose was returning to action for the first time since tearing his ACL and when he squared off with Joe Solecki at UFC Austin. Heading into the fight, he said he wasn’t worried about the ring rust as he had full confidence in his training camp.

Against Solecki, Klose says he worked a ton on his takedown defense and not giving up his back. Although Klose wanted to strike more, he wasn’t surprised to see Solecki try and grapple him right away.

“Jon Crouch said that is what he thought was going to happen. He thought he’d come out and rush me to the cage and try and grapple me. It kind of played out just how he said it… It was a lot of not letting him take my back,” Klose said to BJPENN.com. “We knew he was really good, I don’t want to downplay his jiu-jitsu. But, we knew he was good at taking the back. That’s all we worked on. If he does get me down, just don’t give up my back and I did a good job of doing that.”

Right away, Joe Solecki was able to get Drakkar Klose down at UFC Austin. However, Klose did a good job of not giving up his back. But, as Solecki was going for an armbar, Klose lifted him up and slammed him down which knocked his foe out. Although the slam was intentional, Klose admits he was surprised Solecki held onto the armbar after he lifted him up.

“I knew I could slam him because I was in no danger with it. He was just pretty much holding on. If he is going to hold on, I guess I am going to slam him,” Klose said. “I teach MMA at Red Hawk Academy and my blue belts know when someone lifts they are going to let go. So, for him to be a black belt to hold onto something that wasn’t going to tap me is kind of weird… I saw his body go limp but then I was like, man I want to get one more punch in and they jumped in and stopped it.”

After the bonus-worthy win at UFC Austin, Drakkar Klose said he wants the easiest fight in the UFC.

According to Klose, he says that was a callout of Mark Madsen, which is a personal fight to him and one he wants to hurt the Olympian in.

“At the end of the day, I’ve always fought the toughest guys they put in front of me, Bobby Green, f*****g Beneil (Dariush) all these dudes,” Klose explained. “It doesn’t matter who they give me because I’m not going to say no to it. But, hey if I could fight Mark Madsen, let’s do it…

“At first it was more because of his coach. But, he started running with it and started talking crap to me,” Klose later added. “Bro, you are not that good. If I want the easiest fight in the UFC, it’s definitely him… He folded like a lawn chair. The week of the fight, I hit him up and said ‘Hey don’t lose.’ Then he went out there and lost. I hit him up after and he never replied.”

Although Drakkar Klose wants to fight Mark Madsen, he says his ideal goal is to return at UFC 299, which is headlined by his teammate, Sean O’Malley.

“Sean Shelby hit up Cortney to talk about March. Hopefully, we can get something worked out for UFC 299. March 9 is my birthday, I would rather go out there and put on a show for my birthday,” Klose concluded.