Diego Sanchez explains Eagle FC signing despite BKFC talks: “I really wanted to truly finish my mixed martial arts career my way”

By Josh Evanoff - February 22, 2022

Diego Sanchez was seemingly set to fight for BKFC prior to signing with Eagle FC earlier this month. He’s now explained the sudden change in course.

Diego Sanchez, Dana White, Jake Matthews

‘The Nightmare’ departed from the UFC last year after a roller coaster 15-years in the company. Sanchez was inaugurated into the UFC Hall of Fame as a part of the ‘Fight Wing’ for his bout with Clay Guida. Sadly, the legend didn’t get the sendoff he expected.

Diego Sanchez was released from the UFC after a very public feud with the company, mostly caused by his former trainer Joshua Fabia. Following his departure, he was expected to sign with the rising BKFC promotion. The two sides had very public talks, and it seemed that ‘The Nightmare’s’ next stop was in the boxing ring.

Instead, Diego Sanchez decided to sign with Eagle FC. He discussed the sudden shift with MMAJunkie Radio, and noted that BKFC offered him more money. However, the legend didn’t feel good about his MMA career ending the way it did. The Hall of Famer believes that he has more to give to the sport.

Diego Sanchez

“I was going to get paid $75,000 more to go do BKFC. But being the Diego Sanchez that I am, I believe in myself and all the skills and the knowledge and the wisdom that I’ve attained over this course of the last 20 years, and the way my career ended in the UFC was not Diego Sanchez fashion. That was orchestrated by my handler. So I really wanted to truly finish my mixed martial arts legacy and career my way. Diego Sanchez intuition, intuitiveness, working through whatever I’ve got to work through, but training smart and doing my martial arts.” (h/t MMAJunkie)

What do you think about Diego Sanchez returning to MMA? Would you rather see him fight in BKFC or Eagle FC?



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