Austin Trout responds to Diego Sanchez claims he cheated, eyes BKFC title shot: “I went and looked into BKFC’s rules on vaseline and there is nothing”

By Cole Shelton - February 23, 2023

Austin Trout wasn’t too surprised by how easily he was able to defeat Diego Sanchez at KnuckleMania 3.

Austin Trout, Diego Sanchez

Trout is the former WBA super middleweight boxing champion and is currently a fight or two away from fighting for the belt again. Yet, he surprised many when he signed with BKFC and made his debut against Diego Sanchez at KnuckleMania 3.

Heading into the fight, Trout was confident he was the more technical striker and that was the case as he earned a stoppage win over Sanchez.

“I remember I hit him with a straight left and his face just started leaking a lot. It started coming out and I asked the ref if he wanted to check the cut out and he said no,” Trout said to “I punched him again and Diego touched his face and his hand was covered in blood and I said how about now? He had enough, I didn’t want to punch him anymore so I’m glad it was stopped at that point.”

Not only was Trout happy with his BKFC win, but he was pleased with how professional everything was. The pro boxer has headlined several events against the likes of Canelo Alvarez and both Charlo twins. Yet, he says BKFC treated him fairly and the pay also was very good.

“They treat the fighters well. I know there is a big discrepancy between UFC pay and boxing pay and I have gotten that good boxing pay,” Trout said. “But, even still with that being said, BKFC is paying really good and they are treating us fighters well.”

Yet, as Austin Trout was celebrating his win, he saw Diego Sanchez’s Instagram post – before being blocked – that he cheated. Trout was surprised by it as he says he read the BKFC rules and it doesn’t say anything about vaseline use.

As well, Trout points to the fact he did it in front of the commission and they also didn’t say anything. With that, he expects nothing to happen from Sanchez’s appeal.

“I know Diego is a weird guy and speaks out of his ass a lot of the time. But, a lot of these fans of Diego and MMA guys are crying and calling me a cheater and talking all kinds of shit online. Like, did you watch the fight, and did you read BKFC’s rules? I went and looked into BKFC’s rules on vaseline and there is nothing,” Trout explained. “The commission didn’t say anything when we did it, and it was done right in front of everyone, I didn’t do anything sneakily. In boxing, we normally put on the vaseline, if the commission doesn’t like the amount, you take it off.”

With Trout getting his hand raised, he isn’t sure if he will fight in boxing or BKFC next. But, he is confident his next BKFC fight will be a title shot.

“I guess it’s up to boxing. Bare knuckle is going to offer me a good fight that is good for my career but I don’t think boxing can match it,” Trout concluded. “I think it could be a title shot in BKFC next and I can stay busy here and really make some noise. I feel like I should get a title shot after that performance and obviously my track record in boxing.”

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