Brent Primus frustrated with infrequency of fights in Bellator, considering free agency

By Cole Shelton - February 19, 2020

Brent Primus has only fought once a year in Bellator, except in 2013 when he got two fights in. But, the former champion makes it clear that is not his doing.

Brent Primus

The 34-year-old expected to be more active, especially when he was the champion and now former champ. He became the lightweight champion in 2017 in his eighth professional fight when he beat Michel Chandler by doctor stoppage.

Yet, he didn’t get a chance to defend his title until a year and a half later against Chandler where he lost by decision. For Primus, it has been a frustrating time not being able to fight.

“I love Bellator. But, that is one thing that I’m not happy about is they don’t book me in fights enough,” Primus said to “I had a baby in September and I needed a fight before the baby was born and they couldn’t make it happen. I told Bellator I want to have three fights this year and that is the goal to have three fights this year.”

Primus will fight for the first time in 2020 this Saturday at Bellator Dublin. He hopes that can set him up for a summer return then a third fight in the winter. He also reveals it has been hard staying ready with no fight in sight.

So, with a lack of fights, Primus says it would be hard leaving Bellator given he has been with the promotion since his third professional fight. But, if he doesn’t get more fights, he admits free agency is something he may have to explore.

“Two years ago I was training and staying ready but it was so expensive to stay in fight shape and I’m not starting a fight camp anymore until a contract is signed. I can’t be sparring all the time and hoping for a fight. It’s hard on my bank account. It’s not cheap,” he explained. “It hasn’t been what I thought it was going to be. If I don’t get three fights this year, I don’t want to say it will be hard to re-sign with Bellator, but I may choose to look and see what free agency is about. In my contract, I am supposed to get three fights a year so they offer me fights on like two weeks’ notice.”

Brent Primus has three fights left on his deal, which is why he wants three fights in 2020. After this fight in Dublin against Chris Bungard, he hopes he can start fighting the big names.

“I have three fights. After this one, I’ll have two left and I’m trying to get that done this year. I don’t get it. I don’t know if they don’t appreciate me or don’t like me or too many people on their roster. It’s kind of crazy,” he said. “I don’t like how they don’t have a ranking system. Like I was the champ, lost to Chandler and thought I’d be fighting guys like Benson Henderson, and I go and fight this guy named Tim Wilde. It is weird how I’m not fighting top guys. I don’t like how they don’t have a ranking system. Right now, I’ll fight anybody because I need to get paid. I would love to fight Benson Henderson and Patricio Freire because I know I could beat him. Or, even Chandler but I want that to be five rounds for the belt.”

Whether Brent Primus will be able to get three fights this year is something he is praying for. But, for now, he’s just focused on taking care of business on Saturday.

What do you make of Brent Primus voicing his frustration on Bellator?

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