Chris Gonzalez plans to bring the fight to Usman Nurmagomedov and make him “uncomfortable” at Bellator 283 to earn a title shot

By Cole Shelton - July 18, 2022

Chris Gonzalez always wanted to fight Usman Nurmagomedov ever since both men signed with Bellator.

Chris Gonzalez

At Bellator 283, Gonzalez is set to face Nurmagomedov in a crucial lightweight scrap and one that Gonzalez has wanted.

“I was actually thrilled, I have been asking for this fight and when they called me to say he was a possibility I said yes right away,” Gonzalez said to “I didn’t consult my coaches or anything, I wanted this fight and I’m super thrilled Bellator is giving me the opportunity.”

Although Nurmagomedov is undefeated and ranked third at lightweight in Bellator, Gonzalez doesn’t think highly of his resume. Gonzalez has beaten a ton of notable names like Roger Huerta, Vladimir Tokov, and Saad Awad, while “CG” doesn’t think Nurmagomedov has fought anyone of note.

“There is no comparing our resumes, I don’t think. He has fights hand-picked at this point and when you are a Nurmagomedov, you have that luxury,” Gonzalez said. “Their whole family worked their ass off to be in this position but if you look at the guys I’ve fought and the guy’s he’s fought there is no comparing. I’m a step-up in competition for him.”

Against Usman Nurmagomedov, Chris Gonzalez says he plans to bring the fight to the Russian.

Gonzalez believes other opponents were already defeated by the time they stepped into the cage with Nurmagomedov. Yet, on Friday night, the American believes once he starts beating up the Russian, it will cause him to get frustrated and make mistakes that will lead Gonzalez to win the fight.

“We are going to get locked in the cage and I’m going to punch him in the mouth and dump him on his head. He will try and do the same and we are just going to f*****g fight,” Gonzalez explained. “We will see who is the better man that night but I’m confident in my abilities and I’m looking forward to putting on a show. I’m going in there to make him uncomfortable, which none of his opponents have been able to. Everyone that has fought him walked into the cage with their tail tucked between their legs but that won’t be me. He won’t win every second of this fight, he won’t the majority of this fight, let alone win the fight.”

Should Gonzalez do as he says and beat Nurmagomedov, he believes that should earn him a lightweight title shot.

“I go out there and put on an impressive performance, I don’t know why I wouldn’t be next,” Gonzalez said.

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