Cody Durden confident he’ll ‘dominate’ and finish Aoriqileng, plans to send a message to the ‘boring’ flyweight divison

By Cole Shelton - November 18, 2021

Cody Durden is finally making the walk to the Octagon again as he will face Aoriqileng at UFC Vegas 43 on Saturday.

Cody Durden

Durden tore his ACL in his last fight against Jimmy Flick which is a fight he lost by submission. Although it happened last December, he said he was able to fight a month or so ago and that is due to the work he put in, in his rehab.

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“I’ve torn my ACL before and the nine, 10 month period is normal for me. Just showing up every day and the hard work paid off,” Durden said on Just Scrap Radio on “You will be able to see it on November 20.”

Against Aoriqileng, Durden expects the Chinese fighter to want to keep it standing. However, the Georgian is confident he will be able to dominate this fight no matter where it goes.

“I know he’s a striker, likes to bang. He thinks I’m going to come in wrestle him, but he’s in for a surprise. I have hands too so we will see,” Durden said. “I don’t think he’s on my level so I can’t wait to really dominate him.”

Even though Cody Durden believes he will be able to dominate Aoriqileng on the feet, he knows his clear path to victory is on the ground. He believes he’ll be able to take him down at will and eventually ground and pound him out.

“I’m going to do what I want this fight. If we are standing, we are standing, if I want to take him down and finish him, that’s what I’ll do. I really think I’m going to dominant him this fight, I’ve been preparing like no other,” Durden explained. “No alcohol for three months now, I’ve been working my ass off since I lost that fight. That loss hurt because I was dominating the fight and he pulled a horseshoe out of his ass and then he ran away. That has been my motivation to get a win in the UFC

“I’m going to ground and pound the sh*t out of him. Take him down, ground and pound, that’s all there is to it,” Durden added. “But, if I get out there and I’m dominating on the feet, that’s where we will stay then. I’m 4-0 in boxing, 1-0 in kickboxing, I know how to strike.”

If Cody Durden gets his hand raised on Saturday, he already has a few names he plans to call out. He also wants to add some excitement to the ‘boring’ flyweight division.

“They don’t reply back, they act like they don’t see it or I’m not good enough. I’ll tell you what they are, they are f*****g boring. They don’t talk, look at the 135lbs division, it’s electrifying because the guys are calling the shots and out there talking and getting the fans involved. The guys in the flyweight division say they are professional. Dude, f**k that, this is the entertainment business,” Durden concluded.

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