Cody Stamann says he’ll need a “private escort” out of Brazil after UFC 283: “I’m f*****g flipping these guys off and throwing their beer cans back at them”

By Cole Shelton - January 20, 2023

Cody Stamann is ready to be in hostile territory on Saturday.

Cody Stamann

Stamann is set to take on UFC newcomer, Luan Lacerda at UFC 283 in Brazil as Lacerda gets to make his debut at home. Although Stamann has never fought in Brazil, he did corner his teammate Daron Cruickshank and is familiar with the Brazilian fans chanting ‘Uh vai morrer’ which translates to ‘You Will Die.’

If the crowd chants that Stamann, he says he won’t go full Colby Covington but will be hostile back to the fans after the fight.

“You’re chanting you are going to die to me? I’m f*****g flipping these guys off and throwing their beer cans back at them. In a hostile situation, I’m going to be just as hostile as those people,” Stamann said on Just Scrap Radio on “I can see things getting escalated pretty quickly. I’ve been down there, I cornered my buddy Darren (Cruickshank) down there and they were chanting kill the playboy. People are ruthless, they were dumping beer on us, so my experience with the Brazilian fans was not a good one. I know it’s like going to war. People are throwing shit at you and they are nasty. I’m going to relish it, I’m going to really enjoy that part of it.”

Cody Stamann is already confident he will get his hand raised and likely finish Lacerda at UFC 283. If he does that and fires back at the crowd, Stamann says he’s going to need a private escort out of the country.

“I’m looking at getting a private escort out of Brazil because I’m going to be ruthless to those people because I know they are going to be ruthless to me,” Stamann concluded. “I think this Brazilian trip is going to be one to remember.”

What do you make of Cody Stamann planning to fire back at the Brazilian crowd?


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