Devin Clark expects to “break” Azamat Murzakanov at UFC San Diego: “Every person can be broken so it will come”

By Cole Shelton - August 9, 2022

Devin Clark finally got his first UFC finish his last time out and now wants to build off of that.

Devin Clark, UFC

Clark scored a TKO win over William Knight back in April in his heavyweight debut. After the win, there was some thought about staying at heavyweight. Yet, given he trains with Curtis Blaydes he realized he wasn’t big enough to stay at heavyweight.

“For a brief moment, there was a thought of staying at heavyweight. It was nice not cutting any weight but at the end of the day, I’m just too small for the division,” Clark said on Just Scrap Radio on “William Knight is also a light heavyweight but was out of shape or out of camp or whatever, so that is why it was at heavyweight. I knew he wasn’t a true heavyweight and I train with Curtis Blaydes so I know what a true heavyweight feels like and I’m not big enough.”

Once Clark decided to go back down to light heavyweight, he was ready to face anyone the UFC gave him. He will end up facing Azamat Murzakanov at UFC San Diego, which Clark admits he doesn’t know much about.

“I don’t know him, I think he’s had one fight in the UFC which is good because I don’t mind fighting the new up-and-coming guys,” Clark said. “I’ve had good luck against them, well some of them, Rakic kind of knocked me out. He’s new in the UFC and I have to break him in the right way.”

Although Devin Clark doesn’t know much about Azamat Murzakanov, he is excited for the challenge as he knows Murzakanov has a ton of power.

Yet, for ‘Brown Bear’ he believes his experience and wrestling will be the difference as he will eventually break Murzakanov.

“He likes his striking so I’ll assume I’ll eventually get him to the ground and ground and pound him out,” Clark said. “We train to get the other guy tired and break them, every person can be broken so it will come.”

Should Clark get another stoppage win, he believes he could be ranked or get a ranked opponent next. However, all Clark cares about is being active and stacking together wins.

“I assume it will put me in the top-15, if it doesn’t, whatever, I’ll keep fighting the new guys, I don’t give a shit,” Clark said. “At least for a few more fights. Just need to stack some wins, I don’t care who it is or where I’m ranked.”

Do you think Devin Clark will finish Azamat Murzakanov at UFC San Diego?


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