Gillian Robertson plans to go “straight for the throat” and submit Miranda Maverick at UFC 258

By Cole Shelton - February 11, 2021

Gillian Robertson is not hiding her gameplan for UFC 258.

Gillian Robertson

In the first fight of the night, Robertson is making the walk to the Octagon against Miranda Maverick. It’s a very intriguing matchup, but a fight many were surprised it is happening given the fact they are two of the up and coming prospects. However, the Canadian actually thought this would be her opponent.

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“For some reason, when Andrea Lee dropped out on like a week’s notice, I looked at the roster and thought Miranda Maverick would be my opponent. She’s an up and comer,” Robertson said on Just Scrap Radio on “She’s ready to fight, and is a gamer.”

Robertson enters the fight coming off a decision loss to Talia Santos on December 19. After the loss, the Canadian realized she needed to work on her striking and went to Stephen Thompson’s gym to work with “Wonderboy” to improve her striking.

Part of the reason why Robertson wanted to improve her striking is due to the fact she believes this fight could end up being a kickboxing match.

“I feel it plays out in one of two ways,” Robertson explained. “It’s either 100 percent grappling as we are two great grapplers going at it. Or, it will be a standup fight as we’ve seen when two grapplers fight it is a kickboxing fight. It will be one of two extremes.”

Ultimately, Gillian Robertson believes there won’t be much striking as she plans to initiate the grappling early and submit Maverick.

“It is pretty obvious where I am going with it. I’m not one of those grapplers who want to prove my standup,” Robertson concluded. “I’m trying to get in and out of there as quick as possible. So, straight for the throat and get the submission win.”

Do you think Gillian Robertson will submit Miranda Maverick at UFC 258?


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