Jared Gordon glad Charles Oliveira loss happened, expects to finish Danny Chavez

Jared Gordon
Image Credit: UFC

Jared Gordon is set for his second fight at featherweight when he takes on Danny Chavez at UFC Vegas 19.

Why Gordon made the drop down to featherweight was simple. After he suffered a first-round knockout loss to Charles Oliveira in Brazil, he knew he no longer belonged at lightweight. He then made the drop down to featherweight and beat Chris Fishgold in the summer. Without the loss, to Oliveira, Gordon admits his move back down to 145lbs wouldn’t have happened so he’s glad the loss took place.

“He wasn’t on my radar. People always ask who I want next, but I’m not at that point where I should look ahead. I’ve had some ups and downs,” Gordon said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I came into the UFC, did great in my first two UFC fights. I lost to Diego Ferreira, but I shouldn’t have taken that fight, I was injured but hats off to him, I lost to Joaquim Silva in a fight I was winning which was a huge letdown for me. Then, I go out there and beat Dan Moret.

“I was supposed to fight Leo Santos, he pulls out and they ask me if I’d fight Charles Oliveira because they can’t get him a fight. Who wants to go down to Sao Paulo and fight Oliveira in his hometown? I thought I might as well fight Oliveira and try to propel my name,” Jared Gordon continued. “That fight happened the way it was supposed to happen, I truly believe that. God was like this is the fight that is going to make you go back where you belong at featherweight.

“I then had eye surgery, but it made me move back to 145. If I won that fight, I would’ve been ranked at 155, now I am stuck there,” Gordon said. “Who do I fight after that? Everyone else is humungous guys, and they are all monsters. I went down to 145, had a crazy camp, won the fight, and got a new contract. It is a clean slate. This is a stylistic fight that favors me.”

Against Danny Chavez, Jared Gordon believes it is a fight that favors him. He knows Chavez is dangerous with his kicks but believes his wrestling will be the difference-maker. Gordon also hopes to get the finish this time around to cement his case as a featherweight contender.

“Danny is not a pushover by any means. He loves the low calf kick and is very dangerous. Obviously, I’m preparing for all of that and I think I take him down and beat him up and get the finish,” Gordon said. “Or, I do to him what I did to Chris. I’ll put it on Danny but not looking past him.”

If Jared Gordon gets the stoppage win, he knows it would be a massive win for him and hopes a ranked opponent comes next.

“Someone who is ranked top-15, between 15-10. Or, someone who is right there also. With the time and the names I fought in the UFC, I think I deserve someone like that,” Jared Gordon concluded. “This is my time to go on a big strive and make a run for the top-10, top-five, and then the belt.”

Do you think Jared Gordon will beat Danny Chavez on Saturday night?

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