Jimi Manuwa says he ‘fell out of love’ with MMA, but now eyes a return to UFC to get back his losses

By Cole Shelton - March 16, 2020

Jimi Manuwa doesn’t think his retirement is permanent.

Jimi Manuwa

Following Manuwa’s knockout loss to Aleksandar Rakic at UFC Stockholm, which was his fourth in a row, he decided to call it a career. Yet, since then, he has been pondering the idea of ending his retirement and returning to the UFC.

“You know, I’m struggling with the ideas daily in training and just in my life. The retirement wasn’t planned for me, it was only because I took a loss badly. I have lost four fights in a row and I kind of fell out of love with the sport,” Manuwa said to BJPENN.com. “The time that I had off, made me realize I truly am a fighter and it is what I do. It is what I was made to do, it is what I was born to do. I don’t want my talents and skills to go to waste. I even thought about going into boxing as I have so many skills to give to the world.”

If he does return to MMA, Jimi Manuwa makes it clear it is UFC or bust as he isn’t interested in fighting for any other promotions.

“I don’t think I am interested in any other MMA promotion other than boxing. It will only be UFC. I don’t want to try and start a career in Bellator or ONE,” he explained. “For me, it is UFC or nothing but you never know because someone could come with a crazy offer that I can’t turn down. But, I don’t see that happening.”

Manuwa says he’s still under UFC contract but when he will return is uncertain.

The Englishman says his body has been feeling great but is still up in the air if he truly wants to end his retirement.

“Anytime really. I’m training like twice a day almost like I am in camp. It’s like a roller coaster, certain weeks I feel great then other I think what is the point,” he said. “Right now, I’m at a crossroads of deciding what I am going to do.”

In the end, Jimi Manuwa says if he does return he has some names in mind like getting his losses back like Aleksandar Rakic or perhaps doing the trilogy of Jan Blachowicz or giving Corey Anderson the rematch he has wanted for so many years.

Regardless, the Englishman knows he has options for a possible return to the UFC.

“I would like to get some of my losses back, that would be a good starting point. The rematch with Rakic would be great or the trilogy with Jan Blachowicz would be something I would train for,” he concluded. “Maybe I give Corey Anderson a second fight like he has been asking for. There are many options that I would like.”

Who do you think Jimi Manuwa should fight if he returns to the UFC?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 3/16/2020.


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