John Dodson “wasn’t surprised” with 40-second KO over Ryan Benoit in BKFC debut, hopes for quick turnaround in bare knuckle or MMA

By Cole Shelton - August 31, 2022

John Dodson said he was going to KO Ryan Benoit in his BKFC debut and he did just that.

John Dodson

In the co-main event of BKFC 28, Dodson scored a 40-second KO win against Benoit and although it was a sub-minute KO, he still was a bit disappointed with it. The only reason why Dodson was disappointed is due to the fact his brother Eric also made his BKFC debut on the card and got a 23-second KO on the prelims.

“Well, I was going against my brother so I was trying to get a 20-second or less knockout cause my brother got a 23-second knockout,” Dodson said on Just Scrap Radio on “I had a tough opponent, my dude kept getting up and I had to drop him four times. That’s just kudos to Ryan Benoit, he’s just one of those tough dangerous opponents.”

John Dodson was also dropping back down in weight for the bout as he fought at 130lbs and thus believes his power would be too much for Benoit to handle. After he landed the first shot, he knew it was only a matter of time until he got the stoppage win.

“No, I wasn’t surprised,” Dodson said. “I knew at flyweight I was one of the most dangerous strikers in the world and at bantamweight, I have the power and have been able to hurt 145’ers and bantamweights. I’m the only one who has dropped Petr Yan and everyone talks about how he is annihilating guys but I turned that dude into a wrestler.”

With John Dodson getting the quick KO win, he says he hopes that cemented himself as a legit title contender and possibly get a title shot next. However, he says he just wants to fight again soon whether that’s in BKFC or in MMA.

“I can return whenever they will allow me. It doesn’t matter if it’s BKFC or an MMA fight… I want to be able to bounce back and forth,” Dodson concluded. “Bare-knuckle has been so kind to me so I want to make sure I can keep growing in this sport as well. I want to have success in BKFC and in MMA, I want to branch out into different combat sports.”

Were you impressed with John Dodson’s win against Ryan Benoit at BKFC 28?


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