Louis Smolka promises to finish Casey Kenney: “I’m going to hit him until he breaks”

By Cole Shelton - May 27, 2020

For Louis Smolka, he wishes every fight would be like his upcoming one on Saturday night against Casey Kenney.

Louis Smolka, The UFC

Smolka was offered the bout just one week ago, but for the Hawaiian, he didn’t hesitate to take the fight on short notice. Instead, he says he loves short notice fights and the chaos that comes with it.

“F**k yeah, I love this s**t,” Smolka said to BJPENN.com. “This is what I’m about, the short notice fights, the chaos, not being able to plan anything. It’s great.”

Entering this fight, Smolka is looking to extend his winning streak to two. He last fought back at UFC Vancouver in September where he knocked out Ryan MacDonald in the first round. Since then, he used the time to train and improve.

Although it’s been just over eight months since he last competed, for Smolka, this is the perfect timeframe. Given he is from Hawaii, he says he doesn’t like fighting in the winter as historically it has not been good for him.

“Honestly, no. I didn’t want to fight again until the summer,” he said. “I historically don’t do well in the winter, I just don’t do well in the cold, I’m from Hawaii man. This is perfect, the weather is heating up, I’m ready to go.”

Why he doesn’t perform well in the winter is an easy answer for Louis Smolka.

“I think I have a harder time getting started in the cold,” Smolka explained. “My blood is not flowing well, it’s harder to get a sweat going and I think I’m more prone to injury that way. It’s just hard for me to get started.”

So, with the weather warm once again, Smolka is eager to fight again and knows he is in for a tough fight against Casey Kenney. But, he remains confident he’ll get his hand raised and do so by stoppage.

“I hit surprisingly harder at this weight. It is a drastic difference. At 125, I cut so much weight that I didn’t have any muscle. I couldn’t generate any power,” he said. “My body was just not functioning probably. At 135, there is a point to do strength and conditioning as it adds the muscle and I retain it during the weight cut.

“So, I finish him. Honestly, I’m not trying to be cocky, I just think I finish him,” Smolka continued. “I will keep hitting him until he breaks in the second or third. I’m going to hit him until he breaks.”

If he does do just that, Louis Smolka knows it will be a big win for his career and put him right near the bantamweight rankings. He would also pull off a big upset as he is a +230 underdog but isn’t paying attention to any of that.

All Smolka knows for sure is to expect fireworks in his fight against Casey Kenney on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Who do you think will win, Louis Smolka or Casey Kenney?


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