Luke Rockhold believes Mike Perry “bit off more than he can chew” at BKFC 41, plans to only sign one-fight deals for the rest of his career

By Cole Shelton - April 25, 2023

Luke Rockhold expects to surprise many people on Saturday night when he headlines BKFC 41.

Luke Rockhold

Rockhold announced his retirement from fighting following his decision loss to Paulo Costa at UFC 278. However, after some time off, he requested his release from the Ultimate Fighting Championship so that he could sign a lucrative one-fight deal with BKFC.

“I think bare-knuckle, it’s a one-fight deal, it’s a nice deal, it was Mike Perry and it was something different. I’m excited about bare-knuckle and I think it is a test,” Rockhold said on Just Scrap Radio on “Every real fighter wants to test themselves and something about bare-knuckle boxing, it’s so raw and real and to the essence of fighting in combat sports. I want to get in there and bang, I have excelled and have gotten better in my game. I grew up as a wrestler, a jiu-jitsu guy, and a kickboxer and I think my hands have grown so much. It’s also a little easier on the body, I took so much damage on my leg through surgeries, that thing needs a break.

“To compete at the highest level and chase a world title without my biggest weapon right now doesn’t make sense,” Rockhold added. “So, this is a nice little switch right now and I will show people who I am. Last time out with Paulo, it was an eye-opener, I’m coming back with a vengeance.”

Shortly after signing with BKFC, Luke Rockhold was announced to make his debut at BKFC 41 against Mike Perry. It’s a massive fight and one Rockhold believes Perry has a false sense of confidence heading into their scrap.

“I think Mike bit off more than he can chew. I think he wants to test himself and I do respect that about Mike. He wants to fight a champion and wants a true test. He also wants to get paid,” Rockhold explained. “I mean no one will watch him otherwise. He thinks he’s the reason why I’m here, I’m the reason people are watching, so f**k you. This is a two-way street and I’m carrying the load and Mike is my little accomplice.”

Part of the reason why Luke Rockhold has so much confidence is due to the fact he will not have to worry about kicks or using his injured leg. Along with that, Rockhold knows his size will play a big role as he expects Mike Perry to wing strikes and the former UFC champ believes he can catch ‘Platinum’ with a big counter shot and put him out.

“Mike is going to wing them and I have to be smart and use that against him and use my length and footwork and start tagging him and make him pay,” Rockhold said. “I’m long and I’m accurate and people don’t know what to expect. I could blast people with my kicks, I haven’t had to worry about my hands. I’m sharp and you’ll see, time will tell and we got a fight coming up. I feel good, man, I feel really good.”

If Rockhold does go out there and beat Perry at BKFC 41, he isn’t ruling out fighting in BKFC again. But, Rockhold says at this point in his career, he is only interested in signing one-fight deals.

“Whatever I want. That’s the beauty of being your own promotion. That is where I’m going to stay from now on. No more contracts, just one-fight, prove your worth. That is what fighting is,” Rockhold concluded.

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