OKTAGON’s Vladimir Lengal compares boxing vs. MMA: “It really is a different sport”

By Zain Bando - December 8, 2023

Vladimir Lengal has had an interesting combat sports career thus far.

Vladimir Lengal

Before transitioning to MMA entirely in February, the undefeated Lengal (12-0, 6-0 MMA) took up boxing and became a Czech world champion, further showcasing his skills as a prospect to look out for moving forward.

Vladimir Lengal told BJPenn.com in an exclusive interview ahead of his OKTAGON 50 featherweight bout Saturday against Samuel Bark (6-2 MMA) that both sports can’t be compared when matched side-by-side.

“The transition from boxing to MMA is very difficult,” Vladimir Lengal said. “It really is a different sport. The variety of techniques made me fall in love with MMA. At the moment, I’m more comfortable with MMA because I train it at a professional level. Boxing has gone by the wayside, but it’s the basis. Let’s not forget boxing.”

Lengal continued, further discussing why MMA is harder to master.

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“Pros and cons of boxing: boxing is a gentleman’s sport and a tough sport as hell,” Lengal said. “Disadvantages of boxing are those blows that are aimed only at the head and body the whole time of the fight. As an experienced player in boxing, you can relax in the clinch. In MMA, someone will throw you and choke you. I think MMA is the hardest sport to say. such a modern decathlon. You must be a top athlete. I like the variety of training in MMA.”

As far as Vladimir Lengal’s opponent is concerned, he said he doesn’t have an exact prediction as to how the fight will play out but said winning by KO would be his dream scenario. His last win came in July, finishing Michael Deiga-Scheck with a first-round stoppage.

My long-term goals are to get to the top of the rankings and stay there,” Lengal said. “Of course, as a knockout, a fighter with his heart in the right place and a legend of the sport. that’s every fighter’s dream.”

Lengal has no plans to transition to a bigger promotion but isn’t ruling it out either.

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