Tyron Woodley blasts KSI for ducking him after signing a contract to box the YouTuber: “You are not a real fighter”

By Cole Shelton - February 22, 2023

Tyron Woodley believes YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI never truly wanted to box him but was using his name for clout.

Tyron Woodley, KSI

After Woodley lost back-to-back fights to Jake Paul, Paul mentioned Woodley as a possible opponent for his rival, KSI. The two sides then began negotiating a deal and Woodley says he signed a deal to box KSI but the YouTuber declined and decided to fight Dillon Danis instead.

Of course, Danis wound up pulling out, and once he did, Woodley once again was offered the fight. But, according to the former UFC champ, KSI once again declined which is why he doesn’t think the Brit truly wants to box him.

“I’m not linked to none of these guys. These guys are using my name. KSI was talking about me for two years and the way I fought Jake,” Woodley said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “That Jake thing took a whole year, it was the biggest fights of the year were me and Jake. Those were the two biggest talked about fights. He was piggybacking off that and then he asked me to fight. He sent me a seven-figure contract, he had some dumb terms that I agreed to. But, he didn’t even tell me when we were fighting and then I found out on social media he took a lesser opponent. Logan Paul was supposed to fight Dillon Danis and I was supposed to fight KSI as the main event and we were supposed to do it in Houston where the Rockets play.

“Just be who you are, man. You are doing good for yourself, you got all these subscribers, doing y’all thing,” Woodley continued. “It’s a bucket list thing, you are having fun, but quite saying you will fight anyone, anytime. You are disrespecting the real fighters by saying you are a real fighter. When you ask me to fight and send me a contract and I agree to your terms but you go a different direction without even speaking to me, you are not a real fighter. You took a lesser opponent for the same amount of money. That is what happened. Tell the truth. Why didn’t he call me back after Dillon pulled out? I said yes after being offered to fight him on three weeks’ notice and he said no he needed a full camp. But, on the internet, he acts like he’s a real fighter.”

As of right now, there is no word on who Tyron Woodley will fight next. He is a free agent and is keeping all options open including fighting Jake Paul in PFL. But he believes he won’t box KSI ever as he doubts the Brit truly wants to fight him.

Do you think we ever see Tyron Woodley vs. KSI?


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