FIGHT CIRCUS 6: The Rise Or Fall Of Sloppy Balboa confirms Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp in Siamese boxing main event

By Andrew Whitelaw - March 21, 2023

Fight Circus appears to be levelling up. The world’s wildest combat sports organisation has made it to a sixth instalment and in its own words, returns, “With a Foolish Vengeance!” Streaming live on and this April 1st, at 7pm EST, the card will feature a main event that will have MMA fans raising an eyebrow and bathing in nostalgia.

The presence of fan-favorite, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson on the card adds a dollop of stardust to proceedings as he returns to action following a stint with Bellator.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion will be teaming up with fellow Pride legend Bob Sapp for ‘Siamese Boxing.’ The pair gave a hilarious preview of their partnership  in a promo video posted on the Full Metal Dojo twitter page (below.)

Their opponents will be Andrew Wood, AKA ‘Woody’ from Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA, alongside Fight Circus founder and CEO, Jon Nutt. On his last outing, Nutt went viral for competing in a 2 vs. 1 matchup with Bank and No Money.

Not to be outdone by…himself, the big man is relishing his upcoming bout in what promises to be the mayhem-riddled epitome of everything that is, Fight Circus.

The co-main event, for the first time ever, will showcase Female 2 vs 1 MMAsymmetrical action,” explained Nutt.

“Featuring a duo of Thai Martial Artists, Indica & Sativa, known collectively as ‘Run THC’, squaring off against Single White Female and World Lethwei Champion, Souris Manfredi. Each round will begin with a 20 second preamble of taunting and jockeying for position. When the whistle blows, it’s go time!” added the Fight Circus ringmaster.

Nutt’s enthusiasm for cinema has been a feature throughout his career and Fight Circus 6 will pay homage to arguably the greatest combat sports movie ever.

“To top off the evening like one last key bump, in a Championship bout of Super Heavyweight Siamese Twin Boxing, a local 4-legged debt collector known as The Irish Curse, Sloppy Balboa, steps out of the pub and into the bright lights for the first time to challenge the undefeated Champion, Twopollo RamSapp Creed,” Nutt explained.

Quinton Rampage Jackson

Having introduced the world to to a range of madcap ideas including the ‘Wheel of Violence’ and ‘Carjitsu,’ Nutt and his Fight Circus team have compiled a card that continues to push past the boundaries of ‘sport’ and dive very much into the realms of ‘spectacle.’ On that note, the American reminds fans,

“We are not the UFC. We are not the WWE. We are Fight Circus.”

Full Card for Fight Circus 6:

1.) Our Cold Opener: Dana Black’s Gentlemen’s Power Slap League 

– Bruno Barone vs Peter Haelewyn 

2.) Old School MMA: 1×10 Min Round

– Kyoken Tampiyanan vs Campbell Symes 

3.) Musical Chairs of Death: 6 Fighters Competing in Musical Chairs to see Who Fights What 

– Featuring 6 of the Finest Fighters in Petzilla Winkeljohn’s phone

4.) Dealer’s Choice

– Musical Chairs 1st Place Finisher Chooses his Opponent – Opponent Chooses Discipline

5.) MMAsymmetrical is Back!! 

– Walter John Veale vs 2 of the Remaining Musical Chairs Participants

6.) Blindfold Muay Thai

– Musical Chairs Odd Men Out 

7.) The Fight Circus Wheel of Violence is Back!!

– Kushal Vyas vs Joel Fratello

8.) Wicked Hot Ring Girl Tug of War: That we’re pretty positive will result in playing grab ass and Jello Wrestling. 

– Featuring 6 Hot Chicks – 3 vs 3

9.) White Collar Brawl – Road Rage Edition

– Grab Motorbike Driver vs ‘Win’ Motorbike Driver

10.) Human Piñata

– Steve Panda Banks (with a sack full of money and prizes) vs Petzilla & The Gang (6 total)

11.) Ladies MMAsymmetrical is Here!! 

– Souris Manfredi vs Run THC (Indica & Sativa)

12.) The Biggest Siamese Twins Boxing Championship of All Time!!!

– Twopollo RamSapp Creed vs Sloppy ‘The Irish Curse’ Balboa

– Featuring Bob Sapp, Rampage Jackson, Jon Nutt & Woody

FIGHT CIRCUS 6: The Rise Or Fall Of Sloppy Balboa takes place at Illuzion Nightclub on Bangla Road, in the heart of Patong, Phuket, Thailand.



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