Francis Ngannou says he’d “like to know” Dana White’s thoughts after his boxing match with Tyson Fury

By Cole Shelton - October 30, 2023

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is interested in knowing what Dana White thought of his boxing match against Tyson Fury.

Francis Ngannou, Dana White, UFC

Earlier this year, the UFC announced that Ngannou would be released from his deal, as the two sides did not see eye-to-eye. Throughout Ngannou’s contract negotiation, he and White were not getting along, and when he became a free agent, the UFC CEO wasn’t thrilled with his former champ.

Immediately, many wondered what Francis Ngannou would do, and he ended up signing with the PFL for his MMA career. But, he also inked a boxing match against Tyson Fury in a fight he was a massive underdog in. In the lead-up, Dana White also claimed it was a gimmick fight and didn’t think it would be competitive.

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Now, after Francis Ngannou dropped Tyson Fury and lost by split decision, in a fight many thought he won, the former UFC champ is interested in hearing what White has to say about him and the bout now.

“Who cares, Dana White feels what Dana White feels. I feel what I feel (and) personally I feel great. You have to send him an invite so you can ask him, I’d like to know, too… You have to understand Dana has power over a lot of fighters,” Ngannou said on The MMA Hour. “A lot of them are just there to please the boss, a lot of them don’t have their own personality, their own identity so they just want to fit in on something and you can’t blame them. It takes a lost, it costs a lot to stand up and say what you think. Some people don’t just have it, and some people make themselves a puppet. It’s okay, but I can’t be anybody’s puppet. I’m too big for that. I’m too proud for that.”

As of right now, UFC CEO Dana White still has yet to comment on Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury. With the UFC in Brazil this weekend, there’s a chance he won’t even be there. So, fans may have to wait until the post-fight press conference after UFC 295 on Nov. 11 at Madison Square Garden.


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