Randy Couture names PFL fighter he’d like to see fight Francis Ngannou: “I would watch that fight”

By Fernando Quiles - May 23, 2023

MMA legend Randy Couture has revealed which PFL heavyweight he’d like to see throw down with Francis Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou

The Ngannou sweepstakes is officially underway. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion is now a PFL fighter, and his first opponent under the promotion is set to make a cool $2 million. Some have already thrown their name in the hat. One of those fighters is former UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell.


Randy Couture Wants This PFL Fighter To Fight Francis Ngnanou

For Couture’s money, the PFL won’t have to look too far to find a suitable opponent for “The Predator.” Appearing on MMA Junkie Radio, Couture named a top PFL heavyweight that can share the cage with Francis Ngannou.

“Ante Delija won last year’s championship in stellar fashion and he was very highly touted when we signed him,” Couture said. “He struggled with the format early on, and I think he sorted it out.

“He figured out what he needed to do in his training, his preparation and his game planning to get through a whole regular season and make it to the playoffs and a championship, and that’s a fight I’d love to see. He’s a game fighter. He’s a solid, well-rounded fighter. Francis Ngannou and Ante Delija, that would be a great fight. I would watch that fight, and I would pay a pay-per-view to watch that fight.”

Some believe that the PFL will look for a fighter outside of the promotion with a big name to meet Ngannou. After all, “The Predator” is in PFL’s PPV super fight division. Those hoping to face Ngannou inside the PFL Smartcage will have to wait until mid-2024. The elite heavyweight is expected to have a boxing match later this year, so he won’t be having another MMA bout for a little while.


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