Frank Shamrock slams the UFC for “erasing history” of his accomplishments: “Can’t wait for the antitrust lawsuit”

By Josh Evanoff - January 24, 2024

Former light-heavyweight champion Frank Shamrock still has some issues with Dana White and the UFC.

Frank Shamrock

The brother of Ken Shamrock and leader of the Lion’s Den gym was one of the earliest stars of the company. In 1997, Frank Shamrock submitted Kevin Jackson to win the inaugural UFC light-heavyweight title. Over the next few years, he established himself as one of the greatest fighters on the planet.

However, following a dominant win over Tito Ortiz in September 1999, he decided to retire from fighting. Frank Shamrock vacated the UFC title as well but briefly acted as a consultant for the company. Just over a year later, however, Shamrock decided to return to fighting. He quickly headed to K-1 and later the WEC.

The split led to a decadeslong feud between Frank Shamrock, and the UFC. While the former light-heavyweight champion has been briefly seen in video packages, that’s largely it. In recent years, Shamrock has called for a Hall of Fame induction but speculated that Dana White had a vendetta against him.

It seems that Frank Shamrock and the UFC haven’t made up since then. Taking to X earlier today, the former light-heavyweight champion took aim at the organization in a post. In the post, Shamrock shared his profile, which was noticeably more barren than most.

Continuing, the former WEC champion accused the promotion of “erasing history” of him. Lastly, Shamrock made mention of the ongoing antitrust trial involving the UFC. The company is set to go to trial on April 15th, and the result could be catastrophic for the organization.


Former light-heavyweight champion Frank Shamrock takes aim at the UFC for “erasing history”

24 years later, still not on the UFC website.” Frank Shamrock wrote in a post on X earlier today. “Why would a multi billion dollar company spend such energy erasing history? Lots to hide!! Can’t wait for the Anti Trust Lawsuit Trial!!”

While Frank Shamrock has an eye on the UFC antitrust trial, Dana White doesn’t seem that concerned about it. Last week, the executive was asked about the lawsuit, and stated that it “doesn’t involve him”. Seeing as how several of his private texts have been used as evidence in the case, that’s not exactly the truth.

Nonetheless, the lawsuit was brought forth by names such as Nate Quarry and Cung Le a decade ago. After very little progress, federal judge Richard Boulware moved the case forward last Fall. After multiple attempts by the UFC to have the case thrown out, they will instead go to trial in April.

In the event that the promotion loses the lawsuit, they could have to pay out over 1.6 billion dollars in damages. Fighters who competed in the promotion from December 16, 2010, and June 30, 2017, are automatically eligible for a payout from the case, if they don’t opt out.

What do you make of these comments from Frank Shamrock? Do you agree with the former UFC champion?


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