Georges St-Pierre shuts down rumors that he will be part of a 2024 UFC super fight: “I am absolutely not”

By Harry Kettle - December 11, 2023

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has shut down rumors that he will be part of an MMA superfight in 2024.

Georges St-Pierre

Hardcore mixed martial art fans recognize Georges St-Pierre as one of the greatest fighters of all time. His record in the sport speaks for itself, with the other contenders often being Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Regardless of who you favor, though, there’s no denying that St-Pierre has an incredible legacy following a truly sensational career.

However, there are many who have a “what if” point of view when it comes to the end of GSP’s run. A lot of fans and pundits wanted to see him compete against the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov, but for whatever reason, it never came to fruition.

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In a recent interview, St-Pierre was asked about the “superfight” that Dana White has teased for next year, and whether or not he would be part of it.

St-Pierre’s view

“Absolutely not. I promise you. I always told myself that I would not fight in a cage after the age of 40. I don’t say I will never compete in any combat sport event, but fighting in a cage professionally in a serious thing for my legacy, I will not do it. There is something I care more about [than] my legacy, [which] is my health. I think it’s sad, because a lot of athletes in combat sports, actually most of them, retire too late. I think it’s a shame a little bit because they tarnish not only their legacy, they tarnish their health. I think it’s important for an athlete to prepare their retirement early, before they retire, so when they retire, they know where to go, to do something out of their life.”

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