Gillian Robertson says UFC 297 fight was “picture-perfect”, hopes a ranked opponent is next

By Cole Shelton - January 25, 2024

Gillian Robertson knew she would have a ton of success on the ground against Polyana Viana at UFC 297.

Gillian Robertson

Robertson entered the fight as the betting favorite and on paper it was a grappler vs. grappler matchup. However, when Robertson fights she knows not many people want to go to the ground with her, so she was glad to get matched up with Viana at UFC 297 as she knew that wouldn’t be a problem.

“Going into the fight, I knew it would play in my favor. I know I’m the best on the ground in the world of MMA, just the fact I know she wanted to compete with me on the ground made it easier,” Robertson said to

The fight ended up playing out mostly on the ground, and in the second round, Gillian Robertson scored a second-round TKO. The Canadian told before the fight she was searching for another TKO win and did just that.

“I started landing the strikes, the ref gave her a warning to get her to move. She bucked and bridged a little bit, so I stopped for a second and started throwing strikes again and he gave her another warning. Then I could see she wasn’t fighting back so that’s when I really tried to get the finish,” Robertson said.

Not only did Gillian Robertson return to the win column in a big way, but she also got the $50k bonus which was big for her. With that, the entire week couldn’t have gone any better for her.

“It was a picture-perfect week and fight, and a picture-perfect camp in general. Walking in there I was so prepared, it couldn’t have gone any other way. I had such a good camp and then I was able to come off with a great performance, in Canada, all day Sunday I just kept apologizing to my boyfriend because I kept on crying out of happiness,” Robertson said.

With Gillian Robertson getting the win, the plan for the Canadian is to take a bit of time off to let her body heal. She hopes she can return sometime in the summer against a ranked opponent as she looks to work her way up the strawweight ranks.

“I learned my lesson from my last fight so I’m going to take at least a month to let my body heal and back on track,” Robertson concluded. “I don’t care who I fight as long as it’s someone above me… Two but maybe three fights, but three might be a stretch. I think at strawweight it will be two fights a year.”


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