Henry Cejudo critical of Sean Strickland and Alex Volkanovski opening up about mental health: “Keep some of that sh*t to yourself”

By Harry Kettle - January 9, 2024

Henry Cejudo has questioned Sean Strickland and Alexander Volkanovski for opening up on their mental health issues.

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It’s been, to put it lightly, a chaotic few months for Sean Strickland. From winning the UFC middleweight championship to getting in brawls at events, he’s as much of a wildcard as he’s ever been. Now, fans have seen another side of him after he got visibly emotional talking about his childhood trauma during an interview with Theo Von.

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It mirrored what happened with Alexander Volkanovski, who had a similar reaction after his knockout defeat to Islam Makhachev.

Many fans, fighters and media members were quick to praise both men for their honesty. Henry Cejudo, meanwhile, has a different point of view on the whole thing.

Cejudo cautions Strickland and Volkanovski

“I wouldn’t share things that bug you if you can’t be an advocate for it – especially to the world,” Cejudo said on his YouTube channel. “You’re talking about peoples’ wives and you’re calling people ‘f*gs’ and things of that nature. How do you not expect somebody else to come at you?”

“Sean, I hope you can come to the consensus to be able to accept the fact that you’re in this game, bro,” Cejudo said. “Learn how to play. Don’t be (a crying baby). You can’t, man.

“It’s the same thing with Volkanovski. Volkanovski is showing his cards that he goes through anxiety if he doesn’t fight. Bro, what the f*ck? Keep some of that sh*t to yourself. The world doesn’t need to know – especially if it’s going to affect you (in a fight).”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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