Henry Cejudo weighs in on the recent drama surrounding Ian Garry: “He’s been taking L’s left and right”

By Harry Kettle - November 29, 2023

UFC legend Henry Cejudo has given his thoughts on the drama surrounding UFC prospect Ian Garry.

Ian Garry

Next month at UFC 296, Ian Garry faces his toughest test to date. He will battle it out with Vicente Luque as he attempts to continue climbing the ranks in the welterweight division.


Outside of the cage, however, there’s been a lot of talk and mockery surrounding his personal life and, more specifically, his wife. He’s largely ignored the criticism, but it’ll obviously be taking some kind of toll.

In the following tweet, Henry Cejudo weighed in on the matter.

Cejudo reacts to Garry news

“Ian Garry has been taking L’s left and right leading up to #UFC296. Ian Garry if the rumors are true, you and your team need to regroup and focsu on the task at hand and his name is Vicente Luque.”

“It sounds terrible Ian Garry, Machado, I’m sorry I have to do this to you, man [laughter]. But, what the f*** is going on, dude? Where is it that his mind is really at with this whole thing, with his wife being the author of a book called the WAG, which is the acronym for wife and girlfriend. You pick up a guy who is young and successful, and how is it that you can pretty much make him yours.”

“Is this something that Ian Garry and his wife are actually plotting? Because if it is, you know what, that WAG is getting a lot of attention. That book could become a bestseller.”

“The problem is with a guy like Ian Garry, you’re in the fight game, man. You’re literally in the fight game. If you’re not careful, if you’re not thick skinned, if you’re not titanium, your career could go down because psychologically, your mind isn’t there.”

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