Ian Garry still relishing in win over Neil Magny: “Be a better man”

By Josh Evanoff - August 21, 2023

UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry was buzzing after his win over Neil Magny.

Ian Garry and Neil Magny in their UFC 292 fight.

‘The Future’ returned to the cage at UFC 292 over the weekend. While originally slated to face Geoff Neal, ‘The Haitian Sensation’ stepped in on a week’s notice. In that week, Ian Garry and Neil Magny got heated after the latter made a comment about giving the Irishman a beating, but as a father would.

While seemingly just using the phrase in jest, the welterweight prospect took it very seriously. In their showcase at UFC 292, Ian Garry dominated. He knocked down Neil Magny several times, flipping him off in between rounds to a resounding unanimous decision win.

At the post-fight press conference, Ian Garry continued the war of words with Neil Magny. When asked by a reporter about their issues during fight week, he made it clear that they weren’t over. Furthermore, he took aim at anyone who puts their hands on a child, while encouraging others to break the cycle of abuse.


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“Magny’s a scumbag. I’m f*cking glad I went down and gave him a hiding,” Ian Garry stated following his win over Neil Magny on Saturday night. “Because the s*it he said to you guys at the press conference, I don’t know how none of you picked up on that, by the way. The first second he said that I was like ‘What did he just say?'”

He continued, “…It’s justice. Look, my baby sat over there in the corner. I know from my life I was a pest as a kid. Look at me, I’m the exact type of person that’s going to cause trouble, I got f*cking whacked but that doesn’t mean I go and do it to him. No, you break the cycle. I saw a lot of these comments, but if you want to be better and change the world, don’t do what you don’t want to do. Break the cycle, be a better human, be a better man, and let’s change the f*cking world. Don’t ever, ever, touch a f*cking kid.”

What do you make of these comments from Ian Garry? What did you make of his UFC 292 win over Neil Magny?


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