Ian Machado Garry promises Stephen Thompson fight happens next, says it will be a “show for the ages”

By Cole Shelton - August 25, 2023

Ian Machado Garry is confident he will face Stephen Thompson his next time out.

Ian Machado Garry, Stephen Thompson

Garry is coming off a one-sided dominant decision win over Neil Magny at UFC 292, and after the win, he called out Stephen Thompson. He said he wanted to prove he was the best striker in the world, but after UFC 292, Dana White claimed ‘Wonderboy’ turned down the scrap.

However, Ian Machado Garry is confident the fight will happen, as he thinks Stephen Thompson will eventually agree to it as it is a chance to fight a striker.

“He said it a while ago that he would be willing to fight the Jack Della Maddalena, the Ian Garry’s of the world, well Ian Garry just called him out. Ian Garry just set the stage, all you have to do is say yes, call up the bosses, tell them when you want to fight and I’ll see you there,” Ian Machado Garry said to BJPENN.com.

If the fight does come to fruition, Ian Machado Garry hopes it will happen this year and hopes it will be five rounds.

Should the bout with Stephen Thompson happen, Garry believes it would be a show for the ages and one of the best striking matchups in quite some time.

“Five rounds, I want it to be five. Me and Wonderboy will put on a show for the ages. I believe that the striking that will be on display will be some of the best we have ever seen in competition,” Ian Machado Garry said. “I believe it will be a longer fight, it will absolutely go into the fourth and fifth rounds, I believe because of how much of a tactical chess game it’s going to be. But don’t think for a second that me and Wonderboy aren’t going to put combos out of our skillsets that absolutely have every single person in that stadium on their feet. It’s going to be exciting; it’s going to be exhilarating, it’s going to be chaos and pandemonium when it happens because it’s going to happen, I promise you.”

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