Michael Chandler gives his side of Ian Garry’s issues at Kill Cliff FC: “Very much a ‘me’ kind of fighter”

By Josh Evanoff - December 5, 2023

UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler has given his side of training with Ian Garry.

Ian Garry and Michael Chandler

‘The Future’ has found himself in a bit of hot water at the moment. The Irishman is currently slated to face Vicente Luque at UFC 296 later this month. While some might not be aware, Ian Garry is teammates with the Brazilian at Kill Cliff FC alongside names such as Brendan Allen and Michael Chandler.

However, Ian Garry has found himself in hot water not only with Kill Cliff, but other gyms. The Irishman later trained at Leon Edwards’ Team Renegade, but was kicked out. His brash-talking style and acceptance of a fight with Luque have gotten on the nerves of many teammates. That’s not exactly the case for the aforementioned Michael Chandler.

‘Iron’ discussed Ian Garry’s recent controversies in a recent interview with The MMA Hour. There, Michael Chandler explained that he doesn’t believe the Irishman is a bad person. However, he’s a bit of a ‘me fighter’, instead of a team player. Furthermore, his training ethic got on the lightweight’s nerves a bit.


Michael Chandler

“If he keeps his head on his shoulders, he could be champion one day for sure.” Michael Chandler responded on The MMA Hour when asked about Ian Garry. “But he’s got a tough test ahead of him in Vicente. Both of those guys I would consider teammates, probably Vicente more because I’ve trained with Vicente for years and years. Ian is now bouncing around a little bit [too]. We’ll see how it works out for him.”

He continued, “He’s very much a ‘me’ kind of fighter. Whereas I’ve always been a ‘we’ kind of fighter. Focus on the team, more than myself. He’s more ‘I know exactly what to do, I step inside the cage’ kind of guy… I don’t think he’s a bad dude. He picked Conor to beat me I think, so that’s good. He’s his childhood hero man, so me and Ian can have that banter back and forth, it’s all good man.”

What do you make of these comments from Michael Chandler? Are you excited about Ian Garry’s return later this month?


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