UFC 296 fighter Ian Machado Garry defends his trash talk: “I’m absolutely going to sit there and hound you about that”

By Fernando Quiles - December 8, 2023

Ian Machado Garry doesn’t believe his trash talk ever crossed a line.

Ian Garry

Garry has received criticism from some fans for the way he handled his pre-fight builds for Neil Magny and Geoff Neal. Magny has never been known to engage in pre-fight banter with his opponents, but a fire was certainly lit under him before the Garry bout. Ultimately, “The Future” defeated Magny via unanimous decision and even flipped the bird at him.

As for the Neal fight, that bout didn’t end up happening, but Garry’s antics won’t soon be forgotten. The Irish prospect posed for cameras while wearing a shirt that had an image of Neal’s mugshot.


Ian Machado Garry Addresses Criticism Of Trash Talk

Recently, Neil Magny said that being called a “child abuser” by Ian Machado Garry nearly cost him custody of his children. Garry said that Magny’s own words almost led to rough consequences (via MMAFighting).

“When I hear a grown man sit there and say he’s gotten accustomed to whooping that ass, or that kind of ass-whooping, and he’s got a 3-year-old at home, Neil you’ve just done yourself in. I’m absolutely going to sit there and hound you about that. Because it’s your words, your actions. I’m just putting them out there for the world in a different way.”

As for the Neal situation, Garry felt it was fair game given Neal’s own actions led to his run-in with the law.

“Geoff Neal, there is no f****** argument Geoff Neal f***** up in his lifetime and got a mugshot,” Machado Garry said. “Absolutely I’m going to use and abuse that if I’m your opponent. Absolutely. Geoff Neal pulled out because of mind games, because of a f****** t-shirt that I made and sold on Instagram.

“I got so deep in that man’s mind that he didn’t even make it to the fight, he was so pissed off. But he has nobody else to blame other than himself. That’s it.”


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