Vicente Luque believes Ian Garry’s disrespect could lead to Kill Cliff ban: “Everybody has my back”

By Josh Evanoff - December 7, 2023

UFC welterweight contender Vicente Luque has discussed his upcoming fight with Ian Garry.

Vicente Luque and Ian Garry

‘The Silent Assassin’ and ‘The Future’ are currently slated to clash at UFC 296 later this month. For Vicente Luque, the bout will be his first since a unanimous decision win over Rafael dos Anjos in August. Meanwhile, Ian Garry has been out of action since a victory over Neil Magny in August.

The battle between teammates got off to a solid start. Following the fight announcement. Ian Garry shared a private conversation with himself and Vicente Luque. That respectful conversation about their bout seems like years ago at this point. In the build to the fight, the Irishman mocked the Brazilian’s decision to get baptized on Instagram.

However, that’s not all. In the last few weeks, Ian Garry has found himself in hot water for a variety of reasons. Not only with other fighters, such as Sean Strickland but with his own gym. Names such as Brendan Allen have taken aim at the Irishman for “selling his soul”, and being disrespectful. It appears that Vicente Luque agrees with that assessment.

The Brazilian discussed the bout in a recent interview with MiddleEasy. There, Vicente Luque opined that Ian Garry’s recent trash talk against him could result in him not being allowed to return to Kill Cliff FC. As of now, the young fighter is training elsewhere, leaving the gym in preparation for the UFC 296 fight against his teammate.


Vicente Luque

Image via: @luquevicente on Instagram

“We’re tough guys, [but] there is some things that we find disrespectful,” Vicente Luque stated to MiddleEasy, discussing his upcoming UFC 296 bout against Kill Cliff FC teammate Ian Garry. “I’m sure a lot of guys didn’t appreciate the comment he made in my Instagram [comment section]. I myself, did feel like that was disrespect. I’m not going to take it personally, but I did feel like hey, I was doing something really important for me. I posted about it, and he chose to make fun of it.”

He continued, “I’m sure many guys look at that, and think ‘Hey, he was a teammate for us. Now he’s fighting against one of us and he decides to change his attitude?’ I don’t know. Maybe at the end when everything is said and done, he can work to get go back into the team and train.”

“…With time, if Ian wants to get back to the team, eventually maybe. Maybe he can get back. But right now, I’m the guy on the team, so everybody has my back. I really appreciate that. It’s good to be part of a time like Kill Cliff , like I’ve been for so long. We’ve had different names in all these years, but still the same crew. To have all these guys supporting me, it’s really positive.”

What do you make of these comments from Vicente Luque? Do you believe he’ll defeat Ian Garry at UFC 296 later this month?


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