Ilia Topuria is predicting a “masterpiece” against Alex Volkanovski at UFC 298: “It will be one of the easier fights of my career”

By Harry Kettle - December 9, 2023

UFC contender Ilia Topuria has predicted a masterpiece of a performance ahead of his fight against Alexander Volkanovski.

Ilia Topuria

At UFC 298 in February, Ilia Topuria will challenge Alexander Volkanovski for the UFC featherweight championship. While some feel as if this is too quick, others expect him to put up a really good showing against the champion.

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Either way, it has the potential to be one of the most entertaining fights of the year. In the eyes of Topuria, this is his moment, and he’s ready to seize it.

Topuria’s prediction

“I think it’s perfect, it’s going to be a masterpiece,” Topuria said of how he matches up with Volkanovski. “To hit and don’t get hit. That’s what you will see in this combat, you’ll see an authentic mixed martial artist.

“I’ll be there with a lot of patience, looking for any opening,” he continued. “I’ll be there to take advantage but the most important thing for me is to stay patient all the time. Stay ready, don’t make unnecessary efforts. The finish will come without pushing it too much. I don’t have any doubt that the finish will come, and it will be one of the easier fights of my career so far.”

Quotes via MMA Mania

Ilia Topuria has never been a man short of confidence. However, this is Alexander Volkanovski he’s dealing with – and it’ll take the performance of a lifetime for him to get the job done.

What do you believe is going to happen when these two men collide at UFC 298? Is Ilia Topuria the most dangerous opponent that Volkanovski has faced during his time as featherweight champion? Let us know your thoughts, BJPENN Nation!


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