Derek Brunson explains why he enjoyed the UFC São Paulo main event between Jailton Almeida and Derrick Lewis: “If someone runs the ball in the NFL”

By Fernando Quiles - November 5, 2023

Derek Brunson is one of the few who have an appreciation for the Jailton Almeida vs. Derrick Lewis fight at UFC Sao Paulo.

Jailton Almeida

Almeida’s game plan was clear, and that was to minimize risk by taking Lewis down and not giving him too many chances to sweep. The game plan led to Almeida not being very active with punches despite achieving full mount multiple times. Referee Marc Goddard had to warn Almeida for his lack of action numerous times. With that said, mission accomplished for Almeida, who scored a clear unanimous decision win over Lewis.


Derek Brunson Enjoyed Jailton Almeida vs. Derrick Lewis

Taking to his X account, Derek Brunson explained why he was actually a fan of how Jailton Almeida vs. Derrick Lewis unfolded.

“I actually enjoyed the Jailton Almeida v Derrick Lewis fight,” Brunson said. “If someone runs the ball in the NFL to slow down a high powered passing offense , everyone cheers . If you’re smart in MMA, everyone is disappointed. I was on the edge of my seat all night seeing if Lewis could last , get back to his feet and get the KO.”

Brunson hasn’t found too many fans who agree with him, but a fighter’s perspective comes with some intricacies you won’t be able to get elsewhere. Brunson is also someone who has appreciated the grappling aspect of MMA.

Almeida’s detractors point out that the rising Brazilian heavyweight could’ve landed more strikes to try to open Lewis up for a submission. Instead, Almeida was more concerned with not allowing Lewis to sweep, but many feel he was being too cautious down the stretch.

Time will tell if the UFC brass takes issue with Almeida’s performance, and whether or not that will hurt his next fight booking.


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