Jake Paul slams Dillon Danis following boxing match with his brother Logan

By Fernando Quiles - October 15, 2023

Jake Paul has put Dillon Danis on blast for his antics during the Logan Paul fight.

Jake Paul Dillon Danis

Fans of the influencer boxing craze were highly anticipating the grudge match between Danis and Paul. “El Jefe” and “The Maverick” were far from chummy going into their October 14 battle in Manchester Arena. It was quite clear that Danis didn’t have an answer for Paul’s ability to keep him at bay with his reach advantage. Danis had trouble stringing together any sort of meaningful offense.

The frustration was building for Danis, who resorted to using MMA tactics, which were illegal in boxing. The Bellator fighter had a point deduction for a takedown attempt in round six. Danis then went for a guillotine choke and chaos ensued. Danis slipped off to the mat, and Paul took a swipe at him. This led to Danis swinging punches at security guards who were trying to separate the two. Danis was disqualified.


Jake Paul Has Harsh Words For Dillon Danis

Jake Paul was in his brother’s corner for the fight, and he had to be held back by security. Jake had his eyes locked on Danis the entire time and dared him to meet him face-to-face. After the intense scenes in Manchester Arena, Jake went off on Danis on the X platform.

“DILLONS LUCKY SECURITY STOPPED ME F*CKING P*SSY,” Paul wrote. “Talked so much shit and is one of the worst fighters I’ve ever seen.”

Paul stuck around to watch the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight. That matchup went the distance and Fury was awarded the majority decision win. After the fight, Paul slammed both KSI and Fury, calling their bout a “snooze fest.” Time will tell if Paul will still pursue the boxing match with KSI, or if he’ll try to convince Fury to give him a rematch.


Dillon Danis Jake Paul