Jim Miller believes he could “kimura” Brock Lesnar after Anthony Smith says that hypothetical fight is 50-50

By Cole Shelton - January 10, 2024

Jim Miller is confident he would beat Brock Lesnar in a potential fight.

Jim Miller and Brock Lesnar

On Wednesday on the Believe You Me podcast, Anthony Smith and Michael Bisping were talking about Jim Miller and potential UFC 300 opponents. Out of the blue, Lesnar’s name got brought up and Smith claimed that the fight would be 50/50 despite the massive size difference. Smith argued that Miller could catch Lesnar with a submission, but avoiding the power shots on the feet would be questionable.

“If Jim gets ahold of his neck or something. Maybe [Lesnar could beat Miller], I think that’s a 50/50. If Brock Lesnar lands big, Jim Miller goes to sleep and dies. I’m not sure that I would [bet on Lesnar to beat Miller in a hypothetical fight]. I’m, maybe I have so much love for Jim Miller that I can’t imagine him not catching Brock Lesnar in a submission. That guy is nasty on the ground. Definitely Jim Miller [wins] on the street,” Smith said.

Following Anthony Smith’s claim, Jim Miller was asked about the hypothetical fight at UFC Vegas 84 media day and he has full confidence he could submit Brock Lesnar.

“I’ve trained with plenty of heavyweights through the years. My team now is a little bit smaller than me, but like, I don’t like to bring up, because training is training, and I’m not a fan of keeping score, but I’ve trained with plenty of heavyweight world champ grapplers and stuff like that and I’ve subbed ‘em out,” Jim Miller said at media day.

“So, I know that if I can isolate something, I could kimura Brock Lesnar. I know that I could because I can lift enough, I can deadlift over 500 pounds, I can straighten the guy’s arm, he can’t single-arm curl 500 pounds. So, it’s about isolating and stuff like that. It’s gonna suck, I don’t want to be underneath him, but I appreciate the push. We’ll take it. 50/50,” Miller continued.

Although Jim Miller believes he could kimura Brock Lesnar, a fight between the two would never happen due to the size difference, as the Athletic Commission wouldn’t clear it. However, it is fun to think about, and Miller believes he could get the win and even finish Lesnar despite the massive size difference.

Jim Miller is set to return to the Octagon on Saturday at UFC Vegas 84 against Gabriel Benitez. The two were supposed to fight last February but Benitez suffered an injury and was replaced by Alexander Hernandez who defeated Miller by decision. Following that fight, Miller scored a 23-second KO win over Jesse Butler.

The hope for Miller is to get a quick finish over Benitez and return exactly three months later to be on UFC 300.


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