PHOTO | John Wayne Parr says there is no such thing as ‘playing Muay Thai’

By Russell Ess - May 26, 2016

Dana White is famous for saying, “Do you want to be a fighter?”

Martial arts comes with its risks, but fighters who are aspiring to reach their goals have to bite down and assume those risks.

Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr posted a crazy photo of his friend Ryan Doyle after getting surgery to remove bone fragments from a broken eye socket.

Wayne Parr said in his post, “A friend of mine here in Australia Ryan Doyle had a tough fight a few weeks ago and had his eye socket broken from an elbow.
To fix it up doctors had to make a small incision to clean up the bone fragments. The incision might have been a little bigger than first expected.
There is no much thing as “playing Muay Thai 😳”.
From Ryan:
“They had to cut through the top and peel my scalp down. Because the part that was caved was in my forehead/eye socket. Plus I had a heap of floating bone fragments they had to get rid of. I think this was the easiest way for them and their thought are that I can grow my hair over the scar lol”.”

Now, let’s get back to Dana White’s question. Do you want to be a fighter?

Video | Georges St-Pierre and John Wayne Parr
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John Wayne Parr