Johnny Eblen denies spitting after Bellator 299 main event, apologizes to Leon Edwards: “We both hate Colby”

By Josh Evanoff - September 28, 2023

Bellator champion Johnny Eblen has apologized to Leon Edwards and responded to the recent backlash.

Johnny Eblen

‘The Human Cheat Code’ returned to the cage opposite Fabian Edwards in the main event of Bellator 299. Last Saturday night in Ireland, the two middleweights went head-to-head. The challenger’s brother, Leon Edwards, was also in the corner on fight night, as he watched Johnny Eblen pick up a knockout win.

In the third round, the champion scored a massive knockdown, following up with some deadly elbows. Johnny Elben scored a knockout win and then yelled at his brother Leon Edwards, and the rest of his corner. ‘Rocky’ then confronted him in the cage, with his head coach, Dave Lovell.

Post-fight, the coach accused Johnny Eblen of spitting on him, as well as Leon Edwards. On The MMA Hour, the middleweight champion responded to those comments. There, he made it clear that he was amped up at the moment and said some things that he shouldn’t have said.

However, he didn’t spit on Leon Edwards, nor Dave Lovell, or his brother. Furthermore, Johnny Eblen admitted that he was rooting for ‘Rocky’ to defeat Colby Covington in December.


Johnny Eblen Bellator 299

(via Lucas Noonan/Bellator MMA)

“No, I did not, what had happened was I was fired up, I was talking sh*t, I probably shouldn’t have.” Johnny Eblen stated, recapping his post-fight confrontation with Leon Edwards. “I should have been a good sport, I should have just walked away and let my fists do the talking but I can’t exactly remember what I was saying at the beginning… I watched it back and I was like I could see how someone could possibly think that I did but I was just yelling at him.” (h/t MMA News)

He continued, “…I mean okay, sure, he can think whatever he wants. Yeah, I don’t know but I’m sorry that he thinks that I did that. I just got a little too heated and was yelling at him. After the fact, I got to sit down and kind of gather myself and then go over to them and squash it because I feel like we both hate Colby so I hope he [Fabian’s brother, Leon Edwards] beats Colby.”

What do you make of these comments from Johnny Eblen? Do you believe Leon Edwards will defeat Colby Covington later this year?


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