Jon Anik explains why he was surprised by the fan outrage over Colby Covington’s comments about Leon Edwards’ late father

By Harry Kettle - December 21, 2023

UFC commentator Jon Anik explains why he was surprised by the reaction to Colby Covington’s comments about Leon Edwards’ deceased father.

Colby Covington

They say that controversy creates cash. If that’s true, Colby Covington has probably made quite a bit of money over the years. The man known as ‘Chaos’ has been involved in some major welterweight fights and this past weekend, he was in another when he challenged Leon Edwards for the UFC title. Unfortunately for his fans, he didn’t produce a good performance, and he subsequently fell to a lopsided defeat.

During fight week, Colby tried to stir up a reaction from Leon by mocking his dead father. As you can imagine, ‘Rocky’ wasn’t too pleased by that.

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A lot of fans were shocked by his remarks but in the eyes of Jon Anik, it really shouldn’t have been all too surprising.

Anik’s Covington thoughts

“Colby Covington is a perpetual line-crosser,” Anik said on his “Anik & Florian” podcast. “So I will admit, and I know this is the minority opinion, to being a little bit surprised at just how upset the masses were. I can understand Leon Edwards and his family being very upset. Leon is still carrying emotion from his father’s murder, even if his father wasn’t necessarily a doting dad or a good guy.

“He’s still carrying those emotions however many years later. He was brought to tears backstage. I can understand all of that, but I feel like Colby always crosses the line, right? There was no promotional rage at all from the UFC when he threatened that my kids would all grow up without a father. I didn’t hear boos. So, it seems like there’s almost some selectivity when it comes to the rage with Colby Covington.”

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