UFC commentator Jon Anik issues apology to the MMA fan base: “I was in a heightened emotional state”

By Chris Taylor - January 27, 2024

UFC commentator Jon Anik has issued an apology to the MMA fan base for the recent comments he made on his podcast.

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It was just two days ago that Anik, a long-time play-by-play man for the UFC, made headlines when he told Kenny Florian that he was growing tired of the MMA space.

“I am growing tired of this MMA space a little bit, and just the morass of negativity when there is a close fight. Because even if you and I both thought Dricus Du Plessis won the fight (against Sean Strickland), we try to present that information respectfully. And when I go onto X or I go to our YouTube comments, it seems like a lot of these fans are just in attack mode. And I don’t know if these fans are casual fans or not.”

Jon Anik would later go on to say he didn’t “know how much time” he has left in the MMA space and that those who dislike him will probably get their wish come 2026: “Honestly, at this point, I’ve had it.”

Anik’s remarks caused quite the buzz on social media, with many fans and fighters rallying behind the veteran commentator. Although, former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland had a different take (see that here).

Nonetheless, Jon Anik felt the need to issue an apology for his recent comments and did so by sharing the following to Instagram:


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“Last week on my podcast, I was in a heightened emotional state following myriad allegations of bias at UFC 297 and I made some regrettable comments relating to the MMA fan base. While I was surprised at the extent to which my comments were re-purposed and sensationalized, I need to be more responsible on an n open microphone.”

Anik continued:

“So much work goes into the execution of just one UFC pay-per-view, so it can be tough when my integrity on the broadcast is called into question. That doesn’t excuse my retort. I am just a fiery, passionate, flawed, empathetic guy and sometimes my emotions lead the dance. To those MMA fans whom I’ve offended, I am sorry. That was not mu intention. For 12 years, I’ve prided myself on being accessible to the fan base, and that will continue. I’ve learned a lot over the last 48 hours. On to Anaheim…”

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