Jon Jones believes he will put GOAT conversation to rest with a second UFC title

By Mike Pendleton - February 5, 2020

Current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is arguably one of the greatest fighters of all-time, but that conversation is still up for debate to some. As Jones prepares for another defense of his UFC light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes, who Joe Rogan believes is one of his tougher opponents, he recognizes that there could be change coming to his career, and he believes that change could put an end to the “GOAT” conversation.

Jon Jones

During an appearance on ESPN‘s First Take, Jon Jones discussed his place in the debate of greatest of all-time, and said he believes he will need to go into another weight class and win another belt to put that debate to rest.

“In order to put a lot of this pound-for-pound or who’s the greatest conversation to rest, I’m going to have to maybe obtain a second belt in a different weight class. I think that’ll really set me apart from a lot of guys. The move is inevitable. I’m only getting better as a professional. I think I’m at a place, I have the team around me now that can get me to that weight class in a safe and healthy way, I’m excited for when it does happen.”

Jon Jones was discussing a potential move to the UFC’s heavyweight division when talking about making a move in a safe and healthy way, and cited growing up with his brothers who were bigger than him, as a reason why he believes he’ll be okay against bigger fighters.

“I see nothing but good things. I’ve been competing against my brothers my whole life who are both bigger than me, both Super Bowl champions, and I feel like I’m ready for that lane. Light heavyweight fighters, we are truly the most versatile while being strong, fast and athletic. It’s the most dangerous weight class in my opinion. Guys big enough to knock you out but still more athletic enough and agile enough to do some really extraordinary things. It’s a tough weight class. In a way, me moving up to heavyweight could be easier for me cause I’m just used to a much faster pace of fighting.”

Although ‘Bones’ sounds ready for a move up to the heavyweight division, he has also recently stated that he’s looking at a few other contenders in the light heavyweight division after his fight against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 this weekend.

Would you like to see Jon Jones move up to heavyweight after UFC 247 or take on more contenders at light heavyweight?

on 2/5/2020


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