UFC veteran Matt Brown thinks Jon Jones is the only MMA fight for Francis Ngannou: “That’s the biggest fight you could make in MMA history”

By Fernando Quiles - November 5, 2023

Matt Brown is of the belief that Jon Jones is the only name Francis Ngannou should be fighting under MMA rules.

Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones

Ngannou’s stock has never been higher. Boxing and MMA experts gave Ngannou very little chance in his boxing match with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. “The Predator” not only knocked “The Gypsy King” down, but he almost defeated him in what most thought would be a one-sided fight. Fury won the bout via split decision, but Ngannou sure doesn’t feel like a loser.


Jon Jones The Only MMA Opponent For Jon Jones, Says Matt Brown

With the shocking performance, Francis Ngannou has suddenly become a hot ticket in the world of boxing. As a result, Matt Brown told Damon Martin on MMAFighting‘s “The Fighter vs. The Writer” show that only Jon Jones makes sense for Ngannou as far as MMA goes.

“If somehow – [and] we know it’s not going to happen – the UFC co-promotes with PFL and it’s Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou,” Brown said on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “That’s the biggest fight you could make in MMA history. Now’s the time to strike if they’re ever going to do that. 

“Obviously, Jon’s got to come back from his injury, and no offense to Stipe [Miocic] — I’m friends with Stipe, I’m a gigantic Stipe fan — but if I’m Jon Jones, I go talk to Dana [White] and I say, ‘Bro, let’s make this happen, let’s do the co-promotion.’

“It’s not going to kill the UFC. It’s not going to make the PFL a competitor to the UFC in any way, in my opinion.”

As Brown pointed out, Jones vs. Ngannou is unlikely with “The Predator” now signed with PFL MMA, where he is allowed to box.


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