WATCH | Jon Jones crashes an interview to take aim at “p****y” Francis Ngannou

By Cole Shelton - May 18, 2023

Jon Jones is still taking shots at Francis Ngannou.

Jon Jones

This week, it was revealed that Ngannou signed with the PFL after being a free agent for a few months now. The news was disappointing to many fans as it means that Ngannou vs. Jones won’t be happening. It was also frustrating for Jones who has been vocal about his displeasure with Ngannou for leaving the UFC and still claiming he’s the baddest man on the planet.

“Calling yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street, who does that? Lol”… My man wins one Super Bowl, transferred to a top arena football league, and then claims to be better than Brady. That’s what I’m hearing right now. You notice that! Wasn’t calling himself the baddest when he was still a free agent. He signed safely behind a new organization, and now suddenly the baddest thing walking. Like we all haven’t seen him quitting inside that cage before,” Jones said in a series of tweets.


Since Francis Ngannou signed with PFL, he and Jon Jones has gone back-and-forth as the two are trash-talking one another, despite the fact they can’t fight each other now.

To add to that, on Thursday, MMA journalist Alex Behunin was interviewing PFL heavyweight Maurice Greene – who’s a teammate of Jones – when ‘Bones’ crashed the interview to send a message to Ngannou/

“Francis is a pussy and always going to be a pussy with all that muscle,” Jones said as he crashed the interview.

It was a funny moment by Jon Jones and even got a laugh from Maurice Greene after he took another shot at Francis Ngannou.

With Ngannou singing with PFL, Jones is expected to defend his heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic next time out.

What do you make of Jon Jones crashing an interview to trash Francis Ngannou?


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