Ben Askren scoffs at Jorge Masvidal’s offer to have a rematch under boxing rules: “He’s scared of being embarrassed”

By Susan Cox - August 10, 2023

Former Bellator and ONE champion Ben Askren is scoffing at Jorge Masvidal’s offer to have a rematch under boxing rules.

Jorge Masvidal, Ben Askren

It was when speaking with ‘TMZ Sports‘ this past July that the 38-year-old Masvidal called out Askren saying:

“Hey, Ben. I’ll beat your ass with both hands behind my back. Ben’s so bad at boxing. He’s the one that said it. Look, Ben, I’ll only give you the rematch in boxing, motherf***er. People will tune in because I can’t knee him in the face, right? Maybe Ben can ‘get his way now.”

Askren (19-2 MMA) and Masvidal (35-17 MMA) have a history, they fought at UFC 239 in July of 2019 where it was Masvidal KO’ing Askren at 0:05 of round 1.  It was to be the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Askren, speaking on Daniel Cormier‘s YouTube channel shared his thoughts on Masvidals’ offer (h/t MMAFighting):

“That’s why he (Jorge Masvidal) won’t do it. So, he’s not scared of fighting, and he’s not scared of the pain, right? But there’s multiple fears. What he’s scared of is being embarrassed. Right? I’ll pull his hair; I’ll rub his face in the ground for about 15 minutes and leave him with some mat burns here. He’ll be real embarrassed.”

Concluding Askren said:

“There’s lots of fears we can have in life. We, as men, Daniel, we can have lots of fears. I’ll tell you what I’m scared of — I’m scared of snakes. I’m scared of sharks. I won’t go in deep water, I don’t mess with them sharks, that’s their house. Right? Jorge Masvidal, he’s not scared of a fight, he’s not scared of a physical altercation. He’s scared of being embarrassed and losing status, that’s what he’s scared of.”

Both fighters are now retired from MMA, with Ben Askren retiring in November of 2019 and Jorge Masvidal retiring this past April.

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