Chael Sonnen roasts Jorge Masvidal for threatening to knock the rest of Colby Covington’s teeth out: “A word of advice”

By Josh Evanoff - November 6, 2023

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen has slammed Jorge Masvidal, just hours after the latter reached a plea deal in his case involving Colby Covington.

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‘Gamebred’ was last seen in a Florida courthouse earlier today. He was there for the hearing stemming from his altercation with Colby Covington last year. Famously, the two welterweight contenders clashed in the main event of UFC 272 last March. While ‘Chaos’ claimed a unanimous decision that night, he wouldn’t celebrate for long.

Later that month, Jorge Masvidal attacked Colby Covington outside a Miami steakhouse. While he was facing prison time for the offense, it now appears that the former title challenger will leave essentially scot-free. Following the plea deal and accompanying guilty verdict that saw him receive zero jail time, he took to social media.

In the hours since then, Jorge Masvidal has slammed Colby Covington and threatened to knock more of his teeth out. The comments seemingly got on the wrong side of Chael Sonnen, who responded on X. On social media, ‘The Bad Guy’ mocked the longtime welterweight’s recent comments, especially considering that he lost the cage fight last year.


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“Jorge if you wanna scrap You hafta beat one of my students first Colby Cov… ” Chael Sonnen wrote, in a series of tweets aimed at Jorge Masvidal earlier today. “Ummmm Scratch that Let’s stick to things that are possible…. -Are you allowed to kick with the leg that’s wearing the house-arrest ankle monitor?… MASVIDAL- I do “want some” just trying to be clear on a few regulatory matters… Is your corner going to give you a prison juice-box instead of water?… -No “Man-Bun”… George- Can you travel out of state without Air Marshals shackling you to a hand-dolly like Hannibal Lecter ?”

Chael Sonnen continued, “Am I the last person you turned on, or just the latest?… How many of your texts to me asking for help because you’re dull and unfunny should I release?.. Is a dozen enough?… Did you go to a Miami Car Shop to have them pull the dent Kamaru Usman put in your face out… On a related note-shouldn’t they just have replaced your entire face?… Lastly, A word of advice Don’t be two-faced, It means the next time you fight, you’re gonna have FOUR black eyes instead of the usual TWO.”

What do you make about these comments about Jorge Masvidal? Do you agree with Chael Sonnen?


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