Leon Edwards denies knocking out Ian Machado Garry in training, gives his side of gym conflict

By Cole Shelton - November 15, 2023

Leon Edwards says he never knocked out Ian Machado Garry in training as Paddy Pimblett claims.

Leon Edwards and Ian Machado Garry

Garry recently came out and revealed he had been kicked out of Edwards’ gym and thought it was weak-minded. The gym then released a statement saying they didn’t like how Garry would just bounce around different gyms.

Then, UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett added more to the story as he claimed Garry not only was kicked out of the gym but also got KO’d by Edwards. However, speaking to Sky Sports, Leon Edwards says that never happened as he never KO’d Ian Machado Garry in training.

“I didn’t knock him out in training by the way,” Edwards said.

Although Leon Edwards and Ian Machado Garry have had a falling out due to the gym, the UFC welterweight champion says he wishes the Irishman well in his career.

But, he also thinks at this point in his career Garry has to look himself in the mirror and ask why he has been kicked out of multiple gyms now.

“I think everyone knows that’s bullsh*t, right? I’m on top of my game,” Leon Edwards said. “Basically, the gym decided that he just wasn’t fitting for the gym. We’re just too different, the culture in our gym, he’s like a talker, a social media guy, brings his cameras everywhere. He’s late to sessions. It’s like two different cultures to what we have in our gym. The guys decided, not because of me…

“I wish him well in his career, I’ve got nothing good or bad to say about him. The coaches decided that he didn’t fit into the gym. It wasn’t the first gym he’s been kicked out of, right? He was in America. What happened there? His gym in Ireland that he started with, what happened there? So, it can’t be everyone else around you, right? There’s something going on, it can’t be the gyms,” Edwards concluded.

Leon Edwards and Ian Machado Garry will both return to the Octagon at UFC 296 on Dec. 16 in Las Vegas.


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