Luke Rockhold Continues Push For Michael Bisping Trilogy, Bisping Responds

By Drake Riggs - March 13, 2018

Former UFC and Strikeforce middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold has made it pretty clear who he’s interested in fighting next and has plenty of confidence that he’ll get the job done if he gets it.

That fight being the trilogy fight between him and fellow former UFC champion, Michael “the Count” Bisping. In all of Bisping’s career, he has only rematched two people and he’s won them both. One of those was against Rockhold, who defeated Bisping the first time they met at UFC Fight Night 55 in 2014 by second-round submission.

The second fight went the opposite, as Bisping came in and spoiled Rockhold’s title run with a first-round knockout. Now with Bisping on the cusp of retirement, Rockhold wants to help send him off and according to him, it looks like the UFC likes the idea of a third fight between the two.

@bisping sign the contract or shut it.

Of course, Rockhold’s tweet prompted a response from the Brit, Bisping with a gif attached of him knocking Rockhold out in their UFC 199 rematch.


😂😂😂 good one dipshit. But remember when I knocked you out cold, took your belt and you cried like a little bitch? In fact that’s probably a little hazy for you. See attached and have a great day numb nuts


as soon as thing become predictable they become boring. Facts are it’s 1 -1. Contract is on your desk. Sign it or keep running

And it’s Thing’s, not thing become. A for effort though shitface

That’s a good question. Thought you were ‘coming for that ass?’

In Bisping’s last tweet, he’s referring to Rockhold’s very vocal interest in moving up to the light heavyweight division and potentially challenging perennial top contender, Alexander Gustafsson.

Bisping would then go on to say he hasn’t received any contract that Rockhold speaks of.

I Haven’t been presented one. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around your egoistical needs. #concieve,believe,achieve

Of the two, Rockhold appears to be the one who is wanting the fight more and understandably so. Bisping won the last fight against him and shocked the world. The rivalry has been one of the most bitter in MMA’s history and didn’t even come close to ending after the fight ended. Just in case you hadn’t noticed…

With Bisping likely only fighting once more before retirement, how likely is it that he’ll choose this fight as his last?


This article first appeared on on 3/13/2018


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