Luke Rockhold issues statement after suffering broken teeth in BKFC 41 loss against Mike Perry (Video)

By Fernando Quiles - April 30, 2023

Luke Rockhold was quick to speak out following his TKO loss to Mike Perry at BKFC 41.

Luke Rockhold Mike Perry

Rockhold made his bare knuckle boxing debut against Perry. In the second round, Rockhold felt something was off and he brought the state of his jaw to referee Dan Miragliotta’s attention. The fight was waved off and Perry’s bare knuckle boxing record improved to 3-0. This is Perry’s first stoppage win in bare knuckle boxing.

Luke Rockhold Discusses BKFC 41 Loss

Luke Rockhold took to his Instagram account to speak on his loss against “Platinum” Mike Perry. He congratulated his opponent and admitted that his days of bare knuckle fighting are likely over (h/t

“Well, f***. What can I say? You can check bare knuckle off the list. It’s some crazy shit. Those little knuckles got me, square on the front two [teeth]. Maybe a beard, maybe a better mouthpiece. It’s a good fight. It’s a shame it had to end that way. Motherf***** Mike, you tough bastard. Congrats. Thanks to my sponsors. Thank the people.

“I’m not done. Some gloves would be nice, though.”

Rockhold had retired from pro MMA competition, but soon made his intentions of returning to combat sports clear. His first stop on that journey was against Perry and it didn’t end well for him. The former UFC middleweight champion hasn’t had a win in combat sports since September 2017. That was against David Branch, who hasn’t had a fight since 2019.

Despite this, Rockhold made it clear that he plans to continue fighting. As he alluded to in his statement, Rockhold mentioned that he prefers to fight with gloves in his next bout. Whether that means a return fight in MMA or perhaps even a boxing match remains to be seen.

Time will tell if things will turn around for the 38-year-old.


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