Luke Rockhold teases next signing after BKFC loss to Mike Perry: “We’re talking”

By Josh Evanoff - June 27, 2023

BKFC light-heavyweight contender Luke Rockhold is looking elsewhere for his next contest.

Luke Rockhold, Jan Blachowicz

The former UFC middleweight champion left the promotion following a loss to Paulo Costa last August. While Luke Rockhold initially retired from fighting after that loss, he’s since changed his mind. He was later released from the company and signed with BKFC earlier this year.

In his bare-knuckle boxing debut in April, the former champion lost to Mike Perry. While losing multiple teeth thanks to ‘Platinum’ would make others go back into retirement, that isn’t the case for Luke Rockhold. In a recent interview with Cageside Press, he discussed a potential return.

There, Luke Rockhold revealed that he’s in talks with Karate Combat to compete. The brand has seen an uptick in popularity over the last year, and the former UFC champion would be their biggest signing to date. While he’s not signed as a fighter, Luke Rockhold did do commentary alongside Bas Rutten for their most recent event.

Nonetheless, the former titleholder is also looking to compete in the promotion. In the interview, Rockhold revealed that talks were ongoing and that it was looking positive.


Luke Rockhold Mike Perry

(via Phil Lambert/BKFC)

“I can fight wherever I want, and whatever appeals to me most is where I’m going to go,” Luke Rockhold stated in the interview with Cageside Press. “You know, the opponent, the stage, the situation, and of course the payday. But, it’s looking good.”

He continued, discussing his talks with Karate Combat, “We’ve talked, we’ve talked. You never know, talk is talk… Talk is talk, but I like to walk the walk. We’re talking, we’re not walking yet but maybe we can get to run soon.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you want to see Luke Rockhold in Karate Combat?


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