UFC Vegas 75 Results: Jared Cannonier defeats Marvin Vettori (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - June 17, 2023

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC Vegas 75 results, including the middleweight main event between Marvin Vettori and Jared Cannonier.

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Vettori (19-6-1 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since scoring a decision win over Roman Dolidze at March’s UFC 286 event. ‘The Italian Dream’ has gone 3-2 over his past five Octagon appearances, suffering decision losses to Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya during that stretch.

Meanwhile, Jared Cannonier (16-6 MMA) has also gone 3-2 over his last five fights. ‘The Killa Gorilla’ is coming off a split decision victory over Sean Strickland in his most recent effort this past December.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 75 main event begins and Cannonier lands a good low kick and then a right hand. Marvin Vettori circles bad and lands a combination. He follows that up with a big left and ‘The Killa Gorilla’ is rocked. Vettori looks to pounce but Cannonier appears to have found his legs again. Both men with good left hands in the pocket. Jared Cannonier goes to the body and then lands a calf kick. Vettori goes upstairs with a high kick. He follows that up with a big right hand. Marvin Vettori comes right back with a good left hand. He goes to the body with a kick, but Cannonier keeps the pressure on and backs the Italian up with his jab. Another good low kick from Cannonier. Vettori doubles up on his jab. 90-seconds remain in the round. Marvin Vettori with another left hand that once again stuns Cannonier. Good body kicks from both men. Jared lands another. Under a minute to go in the opening round. Jared Cannonier comes forward with a combination. He lands a good right hand over the top. Vettori doing well fighting off the fence. Cannonier with a nice right to end the opening frame.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 75 main event begins and Jared Cannonier opens with a pair of good low kicks. He is applying a lot of pressure early here. He lands a nice right hand. The middleweights briefly clinch up and then separate. ‘The Killa Gorilla’ goes to the body, but Vettori counters nicely with a right hand over the top. Another right hand and ‘The Italian Dream’ may be rocked. He tries to get off the fence, but Cannonier is all over him with punches. Big shots from Jared. He lands a hard low kick and Marvin goes down. Huge ground and pound now from Cannonier. Vettori is eating some big hammer fists. Marvin Vettori scrambles back to his feet, but he appears to be in trouble. Jared Cannonier continues to head hunt with big punches. ‘The Italian Dream’ comes back with a three-punch combination. This fight is wild. Cannonier lands a right to end the round.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 75 headliner begins and Jared Cannonier is able to land another good right hand early. He shoots in for a takedown attempt, but Marvin Vettori is able to defend. ‘The Italian Dream’ appears to have recovered pretty well from that second-round onslaught. Vettori with a good left. Cannonier comes back with a pair of big rights. He follows that up with some good uppercuts. He takes Vettori to the ground, but the Italian stands right back up. Vettori is a bloody mess now. Cannonier continues to batter him on the feet. Vettori lands a good left and is able to get in on a takedown attempt. He gets it! Jared Cannonier scrambles back up to his feet and is able to shake ‘The Italian Dream’ off his back. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC Vegas 75 main event begins and Marvin Vettori goes to the body with a kick. Jared Cannonier counters with a big right hand over the top. Another good right from ‘The Killa Gorilla’. Vettori’s chin is something else. Cannonier attacks the legs of the Italian with a pair of hard low kicks. Vettori with a jab and then a high kick which is blocked. Cannonier responds with a jab and then a low kick. The pace these two are keeping is incredible. Cannonier takes the fight to the floor with a nice takedown. Marvin Vettori pops right back up but he needs to do something big to change the tide here. Jared Cannonier just continues to outpoint him here. He is mixing up his kicks and punches very well. Vettori lands a good right hand to close the round.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Vegas 75 headliner begins and Jared Cannonier is right back to work with a big combination. He lands a nice left and then a kick to the body. Marvin Vettori says something to Cannonier but then eats another big left. A big right hand from ‘The Killa Gorilla’. Vettori answers with a pair of jabs. Those shots don’t phase Jared who just continues to walk down ‘The Italian Dream’. A huge combination now from Cannonier. He comes forward and lands a big takedown. He immediately begins to work some good ground and pound. Vettori gets back to his feet. The horn sounds to end the contest. What a fight!

Official UFC Vegas 75 Results: Jared Cannonier def. Marvin Vettori by unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45, 48-46)

Who would you like to see Cannonier fight next following his win over Vettori this evening in Sin City?


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